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[XRPBTC] Ripple Long Hit [210% PP]

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[21-April] Trade updated (buy-in and targets).

Ripple (XRP) needs no introduction, so let’s get straight into the trade.

After Ripple had a massive bounce on mid September, it retraced by 45%+. Now, after a strong wave up where we hit several targets, we normally buy back on the retrace, 10-30% below peak price; the cryptocurrency market is very volatile (we love it).

With Ripple (XRPBTC) retracing this much and holding strong above Fib. support and EMA10… It is time for a trade… Take a look at the chart before we move on:

Ripple, Ripple (XRP) by Alan Masters Trades, XRP, XRPBTC


Ripple (XRPBTC) Trade Instructions by Alan Masters

Buy in: 0.0000602 – 0.0000650


(0) 0.0000730
(1) 0.0000851
(2) 0.0000988
(3) 0.0001126
(4) 0.0001321
(5) 0.0001571
(6) 0.0001845
(7) 0.0002015
(8) 0.0002296

First round:

(1) 0.0000851 – Target hit 6-Nov. (+20%)
(2) 0.0000988 – Target hit 19-Nov. (+40%)
(3) 0.0001126 -Reached 24-Dec. @0.0001072 (60%)

Stop loss:

(1) Tight. Close below 0.0000578 on the weekly candle.
(2) Strong long term. Close below 0.0000492 on the weekly time frame. (Recommended)

Capital allocation: <20%.

Note: More capital can be allocated to Ripple if the strategy you are using only involves entering a few trades.



It can be scary when it is time to move on.

Blockages can come out of nowhere, you can encounter yourself with fears that you didn’t know that you had before.

Moving from one place to another can be challenging for many, sometimes even strange.

We are beings who adapt easily, but we like to adapt to stability more than change.

But stability keeps you always in the same place.

For more and for growth, you have to move to a different stage.


If you are happy with the results of this trade, feel free to send Alan Masters a gift.