[TRXH19][LONG][15X][120% ROE]

Alan Masters
February 22, 2019
[mcrypto id="29363"][/mcrypto]

Trade: LONG TRXH19
(Closed: Liquidated)

Leverage: 15X

Buy In: 622 - 637

Time Frame: 4H


(1) 654
(2) 662
(3) 673
(4) 688

Stop loss: Close 4H candle below 620.

Liq. Price: 611

Potential Profits: 120% ROE

Capital allocation: <7%.


Source: https://www.tradingview.com/x/1rCMLOzy/

Remember that these trades are for advanced traders only and are also high risk.

Trade at your own risk.

When we win, we celebrate and collect big profits.

When we lose, we take our loss and move on.

We understand trading, it can go right or it can go wrong.