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[TRXBTC] TRON The Bull Is Next [700% PP]

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[11-Mar] Trade closed in profits. You can hold as much TRXBTC as you want to sell at higher targets.

[10-Jan] Raise stop loss above 700 satoshis. Enjoy the profits.

[8-Jan] We raise stop loss above buy in level. Over 100% profits so far. Slowly we will reach our higher targets.

Thanks a lot for the continued support.

TRON (TRXBTC)… When it goes it goes. Last up wave for Tron (TRXBTC) we saw price increase from a low of 315 satoshis on March 18th, to a high of 1083 by April 30th. That’s a whooping 343% increase in total, which translates into 240%+ net profits if you bought at the bottom.

Today Tron is in a similar spot. I am looking at the weekly chart which you can see below:

Tron, TRON (TRX), TRON by Alan Masters Trades, Tron on Binance, Tron on Bittrex by Alan Masters Trades, TRXBTC

  • Tron hit a low point on the 16th August @ 259 satoshis. From this low point, if we challenge the last peak on the next wave up, we are looking at a nice 300%+ profits potentials [PP] or over 400% earnings in total.
  • As for Tron all time high, we have literally over 696% profits potential. I am already loaded on TRON for what is about to come… Let’s take a look at some of the signals before moving into our TRXBTC trade…

Charts, signals and indicators by Alan Masters Trades

  • We have low bear volume on retrace day and big green volume on ‘up’ days. This is a good signal for the overall altcoins market and the upcoming move up that is building up according the charts.
  • We have very strong bullish divergence on the MACD and the RSI bounced strong as soon as it hit the oversold line.
  • Here is a quick look at the daily chart before we move on:

    Tron, TRON (TRX), TRON by Alan Masters Trades, Tron on Binance, Tron on Bittrex by Alan Masters Trades, TRXBTC


Trade instructions for Alan Masters Trades PREMIUM supporters

Buy in: Avg. 0.00000310

Next support: 0.00000259

Note: You can use capital management to buy in. If TRXBTC price goes down, it will find support at the level mentioned above.

Targets for Alan Masters Trades PREMIUM supporters

(1) 0.00000430 * Target hit 7-Oct. *
(2) 0.00000546 – Reached 21-Dec. (+76%)
(3) 0.00000635 -Reached 8-Jan. (+104%)
(4) 0.00000724 -Reached 9-Jan. (+133%)
(5) 0.00000850 -Reached 10-Jan. (+174%)
(6) 0.00000925

Long term

(1) 0.00001100
(2) 0.00001250
(3) 0.00001460
(4) 0.00001590
(5) 0.00001800
(6) 0.00002040 (All time high)

Stop loss: Close weekly below 0.00000270.

Capital allocation: 5-10%.



You can move, you can rush.

You can hurry and even go nuts.

You can jump up and down, go wild, work hard and go at it again.

But there is always a strong pause, relaxation, deep breathing, contemplation… before we hit play.

The calm before the storm is here once again.