Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges (Where to Buy & Sell Cryptocurrencies)

Alan Masters
April 29, 2019
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I am writing a quick list of the top cryptocurrency exchanges here. Now, some people hate and love these and I fully understand.

For our trades and trading, we use mainly Binance but all major exchanges are relevant.

The altcoin trading pairs we share on this website and our Telegram channels are available across all the major exchanges.


Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges

I will be giving you just a quick general glance at these, you will have to research them and find the one that works for you. Everybody needs to do their research and find where it is they want to trade.

  1. Binance (Only heard good things about it. Great selection of coins, some unique and very powerful ones).
  2. OKEx (International, great coins).
  3. KuCoin (International | Great choice of altcoins)
  4. Bittrex (International | Many different coins)
  5. Bybit (Bitcoin & Ethereum Futures Trading)
  6. PrimeXBT (Leveraged trading for cryptocurrency and conventional assets).
  7. BitMex (Leverage trading for cryptocurrency).
  8. Gemini (For USA members wanting to trade Bitcoin and I believe almost nothing else).
  9. BitFinex (This one is big, wide selection of coins).
  10. BitStamp (This one is big as well and has some good options for buying and selling Bitcoins, Europe).
  11. (I believe this to be one of the few with credit card deposits, along with Coinmama).
  12. Poloneix (A fair selection of coins – Most of the people that are not on, or can’t use, Bittrex use Poloneix)
  13. Kraken (I believe this is a good one especially for Europe).
  14. HitBTC (Good exchange with a long selection of coins).
  15. Coinbase (Offering many different options now, good for USA).

Ok, my dear readers. Fellow divine beings. Eternal souls.

I believe I gave you a wide range of options, something for everyone.

So enjoy your exchanges, enjoy your trades.

And remember, it doesn’t matter what happens, YOU DESERVE THE BEST.

Alan Masters Trades.