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[TNTBTC](480 – 600% PP) Tierion Long Term Trade

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[10-April] Closed in profits.

Tierion (TNT) Overview

Simplify Trust
Tierion creates technology and products that reduce the cost and complexity of trust.


Tierion (TNTBTC) Chart Analysis by Alan Masters

We are going to be looking at Tierion (TNTBTC) long term: 

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  • The above is a weekly chart, so signals here are really strong.
  • TNTBTC hit an all-time low on the week of the 10th September 2018. The market moves in cycles, waves up and waves down…
  • TNTBTC hit its all-time high in January 2018. Nine months going down to later it hits an all-time low, so it is time to prepare for a change of trend and a long wave up.
  • Notice the inverted hammer on the week of January 14 2019. This is a high volume reversal candlestick, just another signal telling that the bottom is in.
  • The RSI is strong and the MACD starting to gain momentum while curving up.
  • The green zone is the support zone, below it is our stop loss.
  • Let’s trade!


Tierion (TNTBTC) Trade Instructions

Buy-in: 0.00000380 – 0.00000420
(Avg. buy-in: 0.00000400)

Next support: 0.00000310

TNTBTC Targets by Alan Masters:

(1) 0.00000550 -Reached 12-Mar. (+37%)
(2) 0.00000645 -Reached 27-Mar. (+61%)
(3) 0.00000900
(4) 0.00001080
(5) 0.00001280
(6) 0.00001600
(7) 0.00001900
(8) 0.00002300

Note: Additional targets on the chart shared above.

Stop loss: Close weekly candle below 0.00000230.

Capital allocation: <10%.



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