[STORMBTC] Storm Found Support [680% PP]

Storm (STORMBTC) is looking good on the charts. It found good support but it still needs to breakout.

This is good for an early positioning, which means that you get to earn maximum when Storm starts to move… So let’s trade!

Storm, Storm Trade by Alan Masters, STORMBTC, StormBTC on Binance

Charts, signals and indicators


Trade instructions by Alan Masters

Buy in: 0.00000118 – 0.00000130
Avg buy in: 0.0000124

PREMIUM Targets for STORMBTC by Alan Masters

(1) 0.00000145 – Target hit 24-Oct (+14.5%)
(2) 0.00000169 – Target hit 29-Oct @ 0.0000163 (+31%)
(3) 0.00000215
(4) 0.00000247
(5) 0.00000289
(6) 0.00000367
(7) 0.00000431
(8) 0.00000523
(9) 0.00000639
(10) 0.00000767
(11) 0.00000935

Stop loss: Close below 0.00000095 on the daily candle.



I am wishing you an amazing weekend and hoping you enjoy this trade.
Remember that it requires patience, time, diversification for success.

You can win here, like you can win with any other trade.
Patience is the key. The first step is to learn to wait.

Once you have patience, you will be a winner on every trade.