[SRNBTC](489% – 2400%) Sirin Token PREMIUM Trade

Siron Token (SRNBTC) Overview

SIRIN LABS Token (SIRIN) is a token developed by blockchain development company Sirin Labs, and is a utility token whose purpose is to be used as the cornerstone of the SIRIN Labs ecosystem, which currently consists of the SIRIN OS, FINNEY smartphone, SIRIN Decentralized Application (DApp) Store, and the SIRIN LABS brick-and-mortar stores. Sirin Labs has been developing the first blockchain smartphone, and every product of this company is committed to using their own blockchain. They promote use of digital currencies and decentralization through SRN tokens.

Source: Coinmarketcap | Website: sirinlabs.com/


Sirin Token (SRNBTC) Chart & Signals

We traded SRNBTC with great success and profits, and we will try this altcoin project/trading pair again… Let’s take a look at the chart, we start long-term:

We are early, as usual… I like to buy-in/share before the bullish action starts so that we can collect maximum profits. Here is a closer look at the daily timeframe for Sirin Token (SRNBTC):

Let’s continue.


Sirin Token (SRNBTC) PREMIUM Trade

Buy-in: 0.00000057 – 0.00000064

Next support: 0.00000050


1) 0.00000078 |Hit 21-Jan. (+26%)
2) 0.00000095 |Hit 21-Jan. (+53%)
3) 0.00000108 |Hit 15-Feb. (+74%)
4) 0.00000124 |Hit 5-Mar. (+100%)
5) 0.00000147 |Hit 6-Mar. (+137%)
6) 0.00000170 |Hit 14-Mar. (+174%)
7) 0.00000210 |Hit 10-Apr. (+239%)
8) 0.00000245
9) 0.00000315
10) 0.00000365


1) 0.00000410
2) 0.00000490
3) 0.00000545
4) 0.00000630
5) 0.00000770
6) 0.00000865
7) 0.00000990
8) 0.00001350
9) 0.00001550

Profits potential: 489% – 2400%
(Price at writing 0.00000062)

Stop-loss: Close weekly below 0.00000044.

Capital allocation: <7%.



In a life full of challenges, which we don’t judge nor consider right or wrong… Crying is only the solution at hand for some of the situations that leave us saying… “I don’t know”.

We work so hard to try and control other people’s thoughts.

We work so hard so that you are not FREE, so that you cannot have your own moments, so that you cannot grow and we call it LOVE!

Some others have no attachments to the outcomes and only feel grateful and practice gratitude by saying thank you, cultivating the feeling and really appreciating just the fact that they are alive, that they have the chance to be involved.

Any conflict with ideas of what is right, who is right, what is wrong, who is wrong is completed dissolved…

Love can be expressed through the Ego, by controlling, arguing, screaming and not letting-be of the other Soul…

Or you can just say Thank You!, enjoy the moment and let God deal with it all.

Whatever happens next, I am open to the will of God!


[SRNBTC](204%) Sirin Token Trade Signal

Trade: Sirin Token [SRNBTC] 🅰️ (Alanmasters.com) BUY: 0.00000094 – 0.00000106 NEXT SUPPORT: 0.00000074 – 0.00000082 TARGET: 1) 0.00000118 2) 0.00000130 3) 0.00000147 4) 0.00000165 5) 0.00000185 6) 0.00000200 7) 0.00000222 8) 0.00000275 9) 0.00000310 PROFITS POTENTIAL: 204% (Buy calculated at 0.00000102) STOP: Close weekly below 0.00000070. Chart: Source: https://www.tradingview.com/x/nDX2b1wn Enjoy the trade. Namaste.
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[SRNBTC](428%) Sirin Token PREMIUM Signal

Trade: Sirin Token [SRNBTC] @AMC1Regbot (alanmasters.com) BUY: 0.00000095 – 0.0000111 NEXT SUPPORT: 0.00000087 TARGET: (1) 0.00000130 (2) 0.00000170 (3) 0.00000195 (4) 0.00000230 (5) 0.00000260 (6) 0.00000305 (7) 0.00000335 (8) 0.00000375 (9) 0.00000485 (10) 0.00000555 PROFITS POTENTIAL: 428% (Buy calculated at 0.00000105) STOP: Close weekly below 0.00000075. Chart: Source: https://www.tradingview.com/x/moCBkkew Enjoy the trade. Namaste.
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