[NASBTC](480%) Nebulas Full Trade

[3-July] Our first round generated over 77% profits in early June. Now a full retrace is complete and we go for round two.

Buy-in, targets, next support and profits potential updated for round 2.

Nebulas (NAS) Overview

Nebulas (NAS) has been billed by some as a search engine for the blockchain world. It uses its proprietary algorithm, Nebulas Rank, to determine the best users and apps across blockchains. Under this system, the biggest contributors and participants of blockchain communities can receive rewards. Nebulas is reportedly able to accommodate substantive changes in its protocol through simple transactions to the blockchain. Nebulas is led by its founder and CEO, Hitters Xu, who had previously founded Antshares (now known as Neo), BitsClub, and the FinTech Blockchain Group.


Nebulas (NASBTC) Chart Analysis

Weekly chart:

[NASBTC](130% - 500%) Nebulas
Source: https://www.tradingview.com/x/YSbVVXCS/


Nebulas (NASBTC) Full Trade

Buy-in: 0.0001110 - 0.0001360


(1) 0.0001510
(2) 0.0001720
(3) 0.0002050
(4) 0.0002300
(5) 0.0002610
(6) 0.0002950
(7) 0.0003150
(8) 0.0003500
(9) 0.0004050
(10 )0.0004440
(11) 0.0004940
(12) 0.0006350
(13) 0.0007250

Profits potential: 480%
(Buy-in calculated at 0.0001250)

First round (targets already hit):

(1) 0.0001550 -Reached 9-June (+11%)
(2) 0.0001730 -Reached 9-June (+23%)
(3) 0.0002010 -Reached 10-June (+43%)
(4) 0.0002480 -Reached 10-June (+77%)

Stop-loss: Close weekly below 0.0001100.

Capital allocation: <10%.



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