[IOCBTC](1688%) I/O Coin PREMIUM Trade

I/O Coin (IOC) Overview The iOC Blockchain enables Private and Public identities, Stealth Addresses, AES 256 Encrypted 1MB arbitrary data (upload, transfer via private users) capabilities, along with AES 256 Encrypted Instant Messaging. The iOC blockchain has an increased capacity of up 4MB blocks with up to 16-second confirmation times, along with the team's proprietary […]
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[IOCBTC](62% PP)

Trade: I/OCoin [IOCBTC]

BUY: 0.0000392 - 0.0000415


(1) 0.0000468 -Reached
(2) 0.0000539 -Reached
(3) 0.0000589 -Reached
(4) 0.0000654 -Reached

STOP: Close daily below 0.0000335.


Source: https://www.tradingview.com/x/h34g4mxS/

Wishing you great profits always.