[HOTBTC] Holo’s Next LONG Wave [280% PP]

[11-Mar.] This trade generated over 250% profits. Closed now.

Holo (HOT) is one of the newest hyped up altcoins project. Now, let me start by saying that I don’t know if this project and its promises will work out or not, and it really isn’t important to us.

We are here trading to make money. We see the different names of the coins but we do not worry about these as we focus on the candlesticks, signals, charts, indicators and our profits potential.

We love cryptocurrency and believe that cryptocurrency – BITCOIN – is the future of money. And we really want to see crypto revolutionize finance in a positive way. In a way were more wealth and money can be accessible to more people.

So even while Holo (HOTBTC) can be a good or bad project, hyped up or not, we focus on trading to make money.


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Trade instructions for HOTBTC by Alan Masters

Buy in:

(1) 13 – 15
(2) 11 – 12
(Avg. buy in: 12.75)

Note: If we go below our first buy in, we have our next support to rebuy and reload.

HOTBTC Targets for Alan Masters PREMIUM Supporters:

(1) 17 * Target hit 4-Oct. *
(2) 20 * Target hit 5-Oct. *
(3) 28 -Reached 24-Jan. (+119%)
(4) 31 -Reached 24-Jan. (+143%)
(5) 35 -Reached 26-Jan. (+174%)
(6) 41 -Reached 27-Jan. (+221%)
(7) 46 -Reached 28-Jan. (+260%)
(8) 52

Stop loss: Close weekly candle below 9 satoshis (0.00000009).



I’ve been working and working and working, working for the future.

But who’s future is this?

My future!

If it is my future, then why do I have to work so hard for it?

Because you want a great future. An amazing future.

What happens if everybody works together for a better future?

We will have the best future ever…

I have to go, I have to get back to work… I am working on my future…