[GNTBTC](393% - 1910%) Golem PREMIUM Long-Term Trade

Golem (GNT) Overview

About Golem

Golem (GNT) is a peer-to-peer decentralized marketplace for computing power. The project aims to be an alternative to centralized cloud service providers with its lower price point and open-source community of developers. The Golem network pools global computing power and enables users to access these resources with GNT. Token holders pay resource owners to complete tasks requiring computational resources. The network is composed of the aggregated power of user devices. Golem is reportedly able to compute tasks that run the gamut from CGI rendering to machine learning. Transactions between participants are deemed to be safe because computations take place in sandbox environments that are sequestered from hosts’ systems.

Website: golem.network


Golem (GNTBTC) Long-Term Chart Analysis

We will be looking at Golem long-term, meaning the weekly chart.

If we zoom out and look at the full chart, we have over 3000% of potential profits:


Golem PREMIUM Trade Numbers (GNTBTC) by Alan Masters

Buy-in: 0.00000540 - 0.00000595

Next support: 0.00000390 - 0.00000430
(If prices move below our "buy-in", this where to buy next [a second entry])


1) 0.00000685 |Hit 21-June (+21%)
2) 0.00000785 |Hit 21-June (+38%)
3) 0.00000911 |Hit 21-Aug. (+61%)
4) 0.00001045 |Hit 21-Aug. (+84%)
5) 0.00001270 |Hit 21-Aug. (+124%)
6) 0.00001490 |Hit 22-Aug. (+163%)
7) 0.00001650
8) 0.00001850
9) 0.00002435
10) 0.00002795

1) 0.00003565
2) 0.00003950
3) 0.00004550
4) 0.00005570
5) 0.00006250
6) 0.00007190
7) 0.00009800
8) 0.00011400

Potential profits: 393% - 1910%
(Price at writing 0.00000567)

Stop-loss: Close weekly below 0.00000320

Capital allocation: <10%.



There has never been a time in our lives where there haven't been any storms.

We've been through volcanos, tsunamis, meteorites and even war.

Natural diseases are also part of what we call "storm"...

It doesn't matter how big the problem.
It doesn't matter if the times are ancient, if we are modern, if we are young, if we are old...

Human beings and animals have the ability to go on.

Regardless of what hit us... Every single time we learn from the experience, grieve if necessary but stand up once more.

Even if an entire city is taken down...
We always rebuild after the storm.

What comes out next is always better than everything we had before.

Don't take it as the end of the old...
Instead, we are witnessing the birth of a new world.


[GNTBTC](220%) Golem Trade

Trade: Golem [GNTBTC]
🅰️ (Alanmasters.com)

BUY: 0.00000525 - 0.00000580


1) 0.00000640 |Hit 15-Feb.
2) 0.00000695 |Hit 15-Feb.
3) 0.00000765 |Hit 15-Feb.
4) 0.00000865 |Hit 15-Feb.
5) 0.00000965 |Hit 15-Feb.
6) 0.00001090
7) 0.00001180
8) 0.00001290
9) 0.00001620
10) 0.00001810

(BUY calculated at 0.00000220)

STOP: Close weekly below 0.00000430.


Enjoy the trade.



Golem [GNTBTC]

Buy in: 0.0000241 - 0.0000253
Avg. buy in: 0.0000247


(1) 0.0000287 - Hit 25-Oct. (+16%)
(2) 0.0000306
(3) 0.0000328
(4) 0.0000362

Stop loss: Close daily candle below 0.0000216.

Capital allocation: <10%.

This is a trade signal exclusive to Alan Masters Trades PREMIUM supporters.