[BQXBTC] ETHOS Finds Support; Up Next [1595% PP]

ETHOS (BQXBTC) on Binance, has huge potential. This is an altcoin that I have never traded before and I am looking at it for the first time now. I received several requests from our supporters, so let’s take a look.

Here is the weekly chart for ETHOS (BQXBTC):

BQX, BQXBTC, Ethos, Ethos (BQX) Binance, Ethos (BQX) by Alan Masters Trades


Trade instructions by Alan Masters Trades

Buy in: 0.0000513 – 0.0000555
Avg buy in: 0.0000530

This is the price range you can use to buy into this trade. Use this price to buy this coin/token/altcoin.

Targets for ETHOS by Alan Masters:

(1) 0.0000651 – Target hit 14-Oct.
(2) 0.0000731 – Target hit 21-Oct. (+38%)
(3) 0.0000921
(4) 0.0001011
(5) 0.0001611

(6) 0.000243
(7) 0.000303
(8) 0.000373
(9) 0.000463
(12)0.000898 (All time high)

These are the prices at which we sell for profits. Here we collect the money.
Not all targets are meant to be reached, these are there for reference only. Feel free to sell when you feel confortable with your earnings, collect, be grateful and move on.

Stop loss: Close weekly below 0.0000469. (Updated 14-Oct.)

If the trade goes wrong and price starts to go down, we use this stop loss. Here we stop our trade at a loss if things don’t go our way.
Note: We don’t close a trade just by hitting the price above, but only if the weekly candle closes below this price. Anything other than this and our trade remains active.

Capital allocation: <10%.

We split our capital into several different trades. Diversification is a good way to reduce risk.
Strong altcoins/projects allow for bigger capital allocation, while smaller/riskier ones allow for less.
We focus mainly on big capital for big market cap. coins and low capital for small cap. coins.

Here is our capital allocation strategy:



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