[EOSH19][LONG][10X-15X][64.1% ROE] EOS Token Retrace Complete

Trade: LONG EOSH19

Leverage: 10x-15x

Buy In: Up to 0.0000686

Time Frame: 4H


(1) 0.0000697 -Reached 9-Jan.
(2) 0.0000706 -Reached 9-Jan.
(3) 0.0000718 -Reached 9-Jan.
(4) 0.0000730 -Reached 9-Jan.

Stop Loss: Close 4H candle below 0.0000669.

Profit Potential: 64.1% ROE

Capital Allocation: <5%

Update/Note: After we hit our first target, we raise stop loss above buy in price.

[9-Jan] All targets reached. Enjoy the profits.

Enjoy the trade.