[TUBEBTC](1103%) BitTube PREMIUM Trade

BitTube (TUBE) Overview

BitTube as a company offers several products that make up an ecosystem. At the heart of this ecosystem is a blockchain-based technology called AirTime, an ad-free monetisation solution that pays a cryptocurrency (TUBE) based on watch time of any type of content. Payouts are taken from a slowly decreasing block reward, calculated based on a user’s AirTime compared to the grand total AirTime per each block. More information can be found at https://bittubeapp.com


BitTube (TUBEBTC) Charts & Patterns

Let's start with this chart:

Let's look at it again while zooming out:

What about the potential for this altcoin?

Let's take a look at the long-term chart:

Time to trade!


BitTube (TUBEBTC) PREMIUM Trade by Alan Masters

Buy-in: 0.00000115 - 0.00000145

Next support: 0.00000085 - 0.00000095


1) 0.00000170 |Hit 28-Dec. (+28%)
*) 0.00000202 |Hit 28-Dec. (+52%)
2) 0.00000222
3) 0.00000310
4) 0.00000375
5) 0.00000450
6) 0.00000572
7) 0.00000680
8) 0.00000830
9) 0.00000930
10) 0.00001050
11) 0.00001400
12) 0.00001600

Profits potential: 1103%
(Current price 0.00000133)

Stop-loss: Close weekly below 0.00000080.

Capital allocation: <8%.



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