Trade: Holo [HOLOBTC]

BUY: 26-28


(1) 31 -Reached 16-Mar.
(2) 34 -Reached 16-Mar.
(3) 38
(4) 42

STOP: Close daily below 25.


Source: https://www.tradingview.com/x/O0P64tyP/



Trade: Internet Of Services (IOSTBTC) Buy: Up to 0.0000180 Next support: 0.00000149 Targets: (1) 0.00000210 -Reached (2) 0.00000270 -Reached (3) 0.00000310 -Reached (4) 0.00000368 -Reached (Peak price) Stop loss: Close weekly candle below 0.00000108. Capital allocation: <10%. Enjoy the trade. Namaste.
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[NCASHBTC] Nucleus Vision Bottomed Out [590% PP]

[23-October-2018] Trade fully updated and ready to generate profits.

NCASHBTC touched bottom around 14 August, ever since trading volume has increased and a bottom started to from on the charts. The same August low was touched again on the 12 September, after the price started to increase. NCASHBTC has broken out of its long term downtrend and is getting ready to make a move up. Let’s take a quick look and continue to trade this coin.

Daily chart:

Binance, Ncash, NcashBTC, Nucleus Vision, Nucleus vision (Ncash) by Alan Masters Trades


Trade instructions by Alan Masters

Buy in:  81

Targets for NCASH by Alan Masters:

(0)  90 – Target hit 24-Oct (+11%)
(1) 109
(2) 145
(3) 189
(4) 263
(5) 323
(6) 383
(7) 468
(8) 519
(9) 576 (All time high)

Note: Not all targets are meant to be reached. Start selling once in profits.
Raise stop loss above buy in price after we hit our first target. This secures your trade after it starts to move, profits only.

Stop loss: Close weekly candle below 69 satoshis (0.00000069 BTC).

Capital allocation: <7%.



Time to play. Stand up.

Another week just starts.

Let’s get into a positive mood and ready again.

Time to play, time to play, time to play…

Let’s get paid!