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[SYSBTC](700% PP) SysCoin Full Long Term Trade

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SysCoin (SYS) Overview

SysCoin is a blockchain protocol with core features that enable you to build fast, secure, low-cost applications with ease.


SysCoin (SYSBTC) Chart Analysis

We start by looking at SysCoin long term since this is a long term trade. Here is the weekly chart: 


  • Here we can see that SYSBTC found support around the early 2017 levels, marked with a brown dotted line on the chart at the bottom.
  • After this level was reached back in 2017, this pushed SYSBTC on a bull run that generated over 1100% profits.
  • Now trading above EMA10, which gives us what I call “bullish potential”, below EMA10 we have “bearish potential”. EMA10 is marked on this chart with a green line.
  • The MACD had a bullish crossover and is starting to gain momentum while trending up.
  • The RSI is going to the bull side.
  • This is a weekly chart so these signals are really strong.
  • Now, let’s trade!


SysCoin Trade instructions by Alan Masters

Buy in: 0.0000111 – 0.0000140

Syscoin Targets:

(1) 0.0000171
(2) 0.0000228
(4) 0.0000266

Longer term
(1) 0.0000311
(2) 0.0000361
(3) 0.0000451
(4) 0.0000541
(5) 0.0000601
(6) 0.0000681
(7) 0.0000911
(8) 0.0001045

Stop loss: Close weekly candle below 0.00000850.

Capital allocation: <10%.



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If you are happy with the results of this trade, feel free to send Alan Masters a gift.