[SYSBTC](643%) Syscoin PREMIUM Trade

Alan Masters
January 20, 2021
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Syscoin (SYS) Overview

Syscoin Platform provides trustless interoperability, token and asset microtransactions that are scalable, and bitcoin-core-compliant security. It can reportedly interoperate today with any Ethereum standard ERC-20 token without requiring second or third-party liquidity providers. Syscoin Core is a SHA-256 merge-mined proof of work blockchain which can be mined using energy already spent mining Bitcoin. Syscoin Platform utilizes a network of masternodes as a scalable service layer and offers masternode owners seniority bonuses.

Website: syscoin.org


Syscoin (SYSBTC) Chart Analysis

Let’s start by looking at the long-term chart for Syscoin… Few things to look at

  • First, there was a strong bullish wave that peaked in July… We got this one in full in a previous trade.
  • After this wave, we only have lower and lower prices.
  • Notice the orange lines, falling wedge pattern… This one is easy to spot and is a bullish signal.
  • A new All-Time Low early January…
  • After a very strong bullish wave, we get 6+ months of retrace and after a new ATL, there are no sellers left.

When we have a closer look, we get the bullish signals:

  • The downtrend has been broken, same orange lines.
  • Prices are clearly turning, curving, and now moving above EMA50.
  • The trading volume is much higher.
  • The MACD above zero.
  • The RSI strong.

From this point forward, Syscoin (SYSBTC) can start to grow… If it doesn’t, we still have a low risk set up with very high potential rewards.


Syscoin (SYSBTC) Trade Numbers by Alan Masters

Buy-in: 0.00000240 – 0.00000270

Next support: 0.00000190 – 0.00000220


1) 0.00000340 |Hit 27-Jan. (+30%)
2) 0.00000435 |Hit 6-Mar. (+66%)
3) 0.00000505 |Hit 13-Mar. (+94%)
4) 0.00000535 |Hit 13-Mar. (+105%)
5) 0.00000598 |Hit 21-Mar. (+129%)
6) 0.00000755 |Hit 28-Mar. (+189%)
7) 0.00000850 |Hit 29-Apr. (+226%)
8) 0.00001010 |Hit 30-Apr. (+287%)
9) 0.00001250 |Hit 30-Apr. (+379%)
10) 0.00001650 |Hit 5-May (+532%)
11) 0.00001940

Potential profits: 643%

Stop-loss: Close weekly below 0.00000180.

Capital allocation: <10%



Changing mood is normal, it is good… It is wise to express and accept what we feel.

In certain situations, you can or have to choose between fight or love.

But let’s not judge the experience, just enjoy and learn from it all.

So maybe we won or lost the game…

Maybe the case goes right or wrong.

It doesn’t matter what really happens…

YES… Always present… Stay positive…

Another opportunity will always come.