[SWTBTC](638%) Swarm City Token PREMIUM Trade

Alan Masters
September 5, 2019
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[Closed after profits]

Swarm City Token (SWT) Overview

Swarm City is a decentralized commerce platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. We use blockchain technology and smart contracts to allow people to communicate, transact value, and earn contextual reputation.

It is our goal to provide a platform featuring an open global marketplace of services/service providers, using the Ethereum blockchain, the Kovan testnet, currency tokens, encrypted communication tools, and any other solution we find or build along the way that can be used offer direct access between buyers and sellers worldwide.

In the Swarm City DApp, you get access to a network of peer-to-peer (P2P) service providers and consumers. We are making it easy for anyone to easily create their own branded marketplaces, called Storefronts, using self organizing swarms of like-minded contributors, called Hives. To accomplish this swarm.city combines the power of blockchain technology, open-source development, platform cooperativism, and a decentralized ‘swarm’ organizational model open to all.


Swarm City Token (SWTBTC) Chart Analysis

Hello my dear supporters, let’s take a look at SWT long-term:

  • We can appreciate a new all-time low that hit this same week (3-Sept.).
  • The RSI is trading around oversold and is printing a year+ long bullish divergence.
  • The downtrend from January 2018 has been broken.

Looking at it closer:

  • We can notice a break above EMA10 and challenge of EMA50 (magenta line).
  • Bullish RSI.
  • And above-average volume.
  • Huge profits potential, 7800% to 32900%…

Let’s trade!


Swarm City Token (SWTBTC) PREMIUM Trade by Alan Masters

Buy-in: 0.00000640 – 0.00000720 (720)

Next support: 0.00000460 – 0.00000560


(1) 0.00000895 |Hit 19-Sept. (+24%)
(2) 0.00001165 |Hit 22-Sept. (+62%)
(3) 0.00001365 |Hit 9-Oct. (+89%)
(4) 0.00001605 |Hit 9-Oct. (+123%)
(5) 0.00001875 |Hit 9-Oct. (+160%)
(6) 0.00002045 |Hit 9-Oct. (+184%)
(7) 0.00002315 |Hit 9-Oct. (+221%)
(8) 0.00002755 |Hit 9-Oct. (+282%)
(9) 0.00003065 |Hit 9-Oct. (+325%)
(10) 0.00003455 |Hit 10-Oct. (+380%)
(*)  0.00004398 |Hit 10-Oct. (+510%)
(11) 0.00004605
(12) 0.00005315

Profits potential: 638%
(Additional targets on the main chart)

Stop-loss: Close weekly below 0.00000400.

Capital allocation: <5%.



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