[STXBTC](822%) Blockstack PREMIUM Trade

Alan Masters
August 1, 2020
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Blockstack (STX) Overview

Easily build decentralized apps

Blockstack is an open-source and developer-friendly network for building decentralized apps and smart contracts.

Blockstack inherits Bitcoin’s security through Proof of Transfer, enables you to write secure smart contracts with Clarity, and brings it all together in one decentralized network maintained by developers from all over the world. More than 500 teams are already building on Blockstack.

Website: Blockstack.org


Blockstack (STXBTC) Chart Analysis

The chart for Blockstack (STXBTC) isn’t telling us much really… It is a young chart so not much information comes from it.

Here it is:

  • We have an ascending channel and prices bouncing after testing MA200 (black line) as support.
  • If prices drop below the blue dashed line, which is the 0.786 Fib. retracement level for the Jan/Feb. wave, we still remain bullish and expect a bounce afterward.

Now, let’s get the numbers.


Blockstack (STXBTC) PREMIUM Trade by Alan Masters

Buy-in: 0.00001350 – 0.00001550

Next support: 0.00001000 – 0.00001250


1) 0.00002130 |Hit 10-Aug. ’20 (+40%)
2) 0.00002850 |Hit 14-Aug. ’20 (+88%)
3) 0.00003333 |Hit 5-Apr. ’21 (+119%)
4) 0.00004000 |Hit 5-Apr. ’21 (+163%)
5) 0.00004900 |Hit 5-Apr. ’21 (+222%)
6) 0.00005900 |Hit 1-Dec. ’21 (+288%)
*) 0.00006900 |Hit 18-Jan. ’22 (+354%)
7) 0.00007500
8) 0.00009000
9) 0.00012100
10) 0.00014000

Potential profits: 822%
(Price at writing 0.00001519)

Stop-loss: Close weekly (W) below 0.00000900

Capital allocation: <10%.



As we are here…

We enjoy ourselves.

Many of us are happy…

So many are grateful…

Others take it for granted and even complain…

As we are here we experience joy every day…

And then Boom!

All is gone!

It happens without warning one day.

Be grateful for your life…