[SPNDBTC](754% - 6081%) Spendcoin PREMIUM Trade

Alan Masters
March 17, 2020
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Spendcoin (SPND) Overview

Spend has two financial services products, the Spend App and Spend Card. These are offshoots of Spend.com, which aims to give users a multi-currency digital wallet to buy, sell, store, manage, and exchange multiple fiat and digital assets. The Spend App is available on the Apple iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

The Spend Visa card reportedly allows users to spend funds loaded in the Spend Wallet via the Spend App at over 40+ million locations that accept Visa cards. The rewards system is powered by Spendcoins, created by the Spend Foundation.

Spendcoin is required to use the Spend ecosystem of products, such as the Spend Visa Card and in-app real-time exchange discounts. The Spend Visa Card Rewards Back system reportedly allows users to receive up to 6% back on all purchases in the form of SPND. There are plans for Spendcoin to be the native digital currency of the Cross Ledger (www.CrossLedger.org) blockchain.

Website: https://spend.org/


Spendcoin (SPNDBTC) Chart Analysis 

We had a PREMIUM trade for Spendcoin shared in October 2019 that generated over 320% of profits, now the price for this altcoin pair is back within our buy-in range. I closed the old trade here, and I am sharing a new one today.

Let's start with the long-term chart and some crazy numbers, over 140,000% potential profits to All-Time High:

As for the daily timeframe, here is the chart:

  • We have a more than a year-long divergence with the MACD.
  • The VPVR indicator showing that the volume is up.
  • Volume increasing as a new low is hit.
  • Bottomed out altcoin pair.

Once you reach the bottom... The only place left to go is up!
This one is trading lower than our original buy-in which yielded 300%+, let's see how we do on this round.


Spendcoin (SPNDBTC) PREMIUM Trade by Alan Masters

Buy-in: 0.00000008 - 0.00000012


1) 0.00000017 |Hit 1-Apr. (+54%)
2) 0.00000021 |Hit 30-July (+110%)
3) 0.00000025 |Hit 30-July (+150%)
4) 0.00000029 |Hit 30-July (+190%)
5) 0.00000037 |Hit 30-July (+270%)
6) 0.00000041 |Hit 30-July (+310%)
7) 0.00000052 |Hit 30-July (+420%)
8) 0.00000061 |Hit 30-July (+510%)
9) 0.00000081 |Hit 30-July (+710%)
10) 0.00000094 |Hit 30-July (+840%)

1) 0.00000124 |Hit 30-July (+1140%)
2) 0.00000150 |Hit 30-July (+1400%)
3) 0.00000170
4) 0.00000195
5) 0.00000260
6) 0.00000310
7) 0.00000450
8) 0.00000680

Profits potential: 754% - 6081%
(Buy-in calculated at 0.00000010)

Stop-loss: None (Rebuy and reload all the way down to 1 satoshi).

Capital allocation: <5%.



Mistakes are part of life, just as is losing and winning, right and wrong.

Something you are aiming for can be a success when achieved...
You can fail on the path to go home.

But failing doesn't mean that it is over or done.
You can always try again.


There are no mistakes for me anymore.
There is no failure in being the last.

These experiences are what keeps me now in the moment.
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