[SPNDBTC](742% – 4136%) Spendcoin PREMIUM Trade by Alan Masters

Alan Masters
October 10, 2019
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Spendcoin (SPND) Overview

Spend has two financial services products, the Spend App and Spend Card. These are offshoots of Spend.com, which aims to give users a multi-currency digital wallet to buy, sell, store, manage, and exchange multiple fiat and digital assets. The Spend App is available on the Apple iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

The Spend Visa card reportedly allows users to spend funds loaded in the Spend Wallet via the Spend App at over 40+ million locations that accept Visa cards. The rewards system is powered by Spendcoins, created by the Spend Foundation.

Spendcoin is required to use the Spend ecosystem of products, such as the Spend Visa Card and in-app real-time exchange discounts. The Spend Visa Card Rewards Back system reportedly allows users to receive up to 6% back on all purchases in the form of SPND. There are plans for Spendcoin to be the native digital currency of the Cross Ledger (www.CrossLedger.org) blockchain.

Website: https://spend.org/


Spendcoin (SPNDBTC) Chart Analysis & Signals

After we look at and secure the stronger altcoins trading pairs, those listed on Binance for example, we move to those smaller ones…

Low volume pairs are higher risk and a smaller capital should be added to these trades. We recommend up to 5% of your capital per trade but these low volume pairs that will be shared from Bittrex and other major exchanges can also allocate between 1-3% of your capital per trade.

Diversifying is also key to success… Let’s proceed with the charts and signals… This is the long-term chart:

  • You can’t see much here because the prices went so low…
  • The volume is starting to come up and the MACD is moving higher while prices are moving lower.
  • If we look at the March ’19 peak price, from current prices, we are looking at 28,000%+ of profits potential.
  • Long-term targets are also available on this chart.

Let’s take a closer look now to identify some of the signals:

  • We can see multiple green candles after a new ATL was hit.
  • A move above EMA10 with increasing volume.
  • RSI coming out of weak/oversold and moving higher.


Spendcoin (SPNDBTC) Full PREMIUM Trade

Buy-in: 0.00000015 – 0.00000019

Next support: 0.00000010 – 0.00000013


1) 0.00000023 |Hit 10-Oct. (+21%)
2) 0.00000028 |Hit 11-Oct. (+47%)
3) 0.00000037 |Hit 13-Oct. (+89%)
4) 0.00000043 |Hit 21-Oct. (+126%)
5) 0.00000050 |Hit 21-Oct. (+163%)
6) 0.00000060 |Hit 23-Oct. (+216%)
7) 0.00000072 |Hit 24-Oct. (+279%)
*) 0.00000080 |Hit 25-Oct. (+321%)
8) 0.00000085
9) 0.00000105
10) 0.00000140
11) 0.00000160

1) 0.00000175
2) 0.00000225
3) 0.00000275
4) 0.00000335
5) 0.00000435
6) 0.00000595
7) 0.00000695
8) 0.00000805

Profits potential: 742% – 4136%
(Buy-in calculated at 0.00000019)
For even more targets check the long-term chart.

Stop-loss: None (Rebuy and reload all the way down to 1 satoshi).

Capital allocation: <5%.



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