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[RENBTC](62% PP) Ren Low Volume On Binance

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Ƀ 0.00000568 0.60%

Ren (REN) Overview

Unstoppable Privacy
Transfer tokens in zero-knowledge, trustlessly swap between blockchains, trade on a dark pool, build any privacy preserving application. Never reveal anything.


Ren (RENBTC) Chart Analysis

Privacy altcoins/token are pretty famous within the cryptocurrency community, and that’s because we beautiful and smart people love privacy but this is not why I am sharing it, as you might know already, I focus mainly on TA (technical analysis), so let’s look at the chart and see what we’ve got.

12H Chart: 


  • Looking at the chart above, I couldn’t fail to notice how well the 0.00000444 level has been holding RENBTC price.
  • Now, this isn’t enough to share a trade, as a support can become weaker each time that it is tested, but in this case, we also have bullish divergence on the MACD and RSI, which tells me that this might be a bottom.
  • This is also a low volume token on Binance, which is another strange find.
  • Really close to the bottom, low volume, privacy coin, and bullish divergence; now these are enough signals to take on a trade here.
  • On the daily time frame we have a falling wedge pattern, which is bullish, as well as a bullish crossover on the MACD.
  • The weekly time frame is showing a double bottom.
  • Now these are enough signals, so let’s go for a trade here that I still consider to a be a bit riskier than usual but, we have a tight stop loss. So we have a very nice risk/reward ratio.
  • Let’s get to the trade instructions now.


Ren (RENBTC) Trade Instructions by Alan Masters

Buy-in: 0.00000420 – 0.00000460
(Avg. buy-in: 0.00000440)


(1) 0.00000548 -Reached 3-Mar. (+24%)
(2) 0.00000610 -Reached 6-Mar. (+38%)
(3) 0.00000666 -Reached 25-Mar. (+51%)
(4) 0.00000715 -Reached 25-Mar. (+62%)
(5) Peak price reached 0.00000890 -Reached 25-Mar. (+102%)

Stop loss: Close weekly candle below 0.00000400.

Capital allocation: <5%.



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