Quick Bitcoin Update + How To Trade

Alan Masters
April 9, 2021
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Here is the daily chart for Bitcoin (BTCUSD)... This pair continues to look great.

Daily chart:

  • We have prices trading above EMA10 and all other EMAs.
  • Both the MACD and RSI are bullish/strong.
  • We have higher lows and resistance continues to be challenged.

Bitcoin is looking good.

  1. The trend is still bullish.
  2. The chart is also bullish on the daily timeframe.
  3. Bitcoin continues to consolidate with a bullish bias.
  4. Prices can break to either side but the bulls have the upper hand.
  5. The altcoins will continue to perform strongly while Bitcoin continues sideways.

Whatever happens with Bitcoin, we continue to trade our Altcoins based on the Altcoins charts.

We follow the very simple strategy shared on the 'LEARN' section of the website.

In baby terms, this is our strategy in a nutshell:

  1. Buy which leads to hold/wait.
  2. Collect profits (sell on target as prices go up).

That is all it takes.

Thanks a lot for your support.