[PTOYBTC](316% - 1960%) Patientory PREMIUM Trade

Alan Masters
July 4, 2020
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Patientory (PTOY) Overview

PTOY is the native token of the PTOYNet private permissioned blockchain storage network and currency fuel of the platform. In exchange for PTOY, users (which include patients and healthcare organizations) will be able to use the network to rent health information storage space and execute health-specific smart contract payments/transactions.

PTOY aims to drive the PTOYNET's value towards interoperability and cybersecurity. This system intends to eliminate the friction and costs of current third‑party intermediaries when considering population health management. The storage network promises improved data integrity, reduced transaction costs, decentralization, and disintermediation of transparency/trust and directs the healthcare stakeholders to securely manage electronic medical data.

Source: coinmarketcap


PTOYBTC Chart Analysis & Signals

This is a re-post of the previous trade... Here is the chart:

We have a break above EMA10 on the weekly timeframe (7 days per candle).
The signals here are much stronger than the daily timeframe.

With the action we are seeing all across the market, PTOY can also grow.


Patientory (PTOYBTC) PREMIUM Trade by Alan Masters

Buy-in: 0.00000066 - 0.00000075

Next support: 0.00000057


1) 0.00000085 |Hit 11-July (+29%)
2) 0.00000096 |Hit 12-July (+45%)
3) 0.00000105 |Hit 13-July (+59%)
4) 0.00000115 |Hit 15-July (+74%)
5) 0.00000130 |Hit 15-July (+97%)
6) 0.00000145 |Hit 20-July (+120%)
7) 0.00000165
8) 0.00000175
9) 0.00000195
10) 0.00000245
11) 0.00000275


1) 0.00000370
2) 0.00000450
3) 0.00000560
4) 0.00000675
5) 0.00000745
6) 0.00000865
7) 0.00001050
8) 0.00001185
9) 0.00001360

Profits potential: 316% - 1960%
(Price at writing 0.00000066)

Stop-loss: Close weekly below 0.00000055

Capital allocation: <7%.



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