[PALBTC](226%) PAL Network Hits Demand Zone

Alan Masters
April 27, 2019
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PAL Network (PAL) Overview

PolicyPal Network is a platform built with a twofold vision of addressing key issues that overlap the fields of both insurance and cryptoassets in the world today.

PAL Network [PAL] is a token based on Ethereum blockchain.


PAL Network (PALBTC) Chart Analysis

I am looking at PAL Network on the request of one of our great followers and the charts are looking good ready to generate some profits, please allow me to show you.

Here is the full chart for PALBTC on Bittrex:

[PALBTC](226%) PAL Network Hits Demand Zone
Source: https://www.tradingview.com/x/2VBVhrmG/

  • Beautiful and easy to read chart. The green zone at the bottom is our "demand zone". Notice how the price jumps each time this area is tested.
  • PALBTC is reaching this demand zone and the signals are starting to show for a bounce here.
  • We can see the MACD curving, volume going lower and descending RSI.
  • The price bounced at 100 satoshis but the fact that PALBTC is trading below EMA10 can tell us that it can go lower. So we can buy at the current price and wait or place a limit buy order in our demand zone thinking of future profits... As usual, this is will be a very low-risk but high rewards trade.
  • We have around 15% risk from buy-in to stop loss and 130%+ profits potential from buy-in to our 6th target, and finally over 220% to our last target.
  • Let's get to the trade.


PAL Network (PALBTC) by Alan Masters (120%+ Profits Potential)

Buy-in: 92 - 105


(1) 113
(2) 126
(3) 147
(4) 181
(5) 206
(6) 237
(7) 271
(8) 292
(9) 326

Stop loss: Close weekly below 81.

Capital allocation: <5%.



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