[NPXSBTC] Pundi X on Binance Next! [~200% PP]

Alan Masters
October 13, 2018
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[Updated 14-Oct.] Pundi X (NPXS) is available to be traded on Binance and its garnering lots of attention from the public. The charts are young, but we can gather some information when giving them a closer a look.

As usual, we will have a low risk but very high potential rewards trade. Let's take a look at NPXSBTC for us to make some really good profits in the weeks and months ahead.


Charts, signals and indicators for NPXSBTC by Alan Masters Trades

Let's start with the daily chart:

Cryptocurrency Trades by Alan Masters, NPXS, NPXS Altcoin, NPXS Cryptocurrency, NPXS Trade, NPXSBTC, Pundi X

  • We can clearly see the price of NPXSBTC going down only, but that's because this is a very young chart, keep reading below and let me know what you think...
  • Volume keeps on growing more and more. We have huge green volume bars on the daily time frame, specially on the 7th, 17th, 26th August and 3rd September, as well as on the 6th July.
  • Trading above EMA10 (blue line) for the past few days.
  • Strong bullish divergence on the MACD.
  • Clear uptrend for both the MACD And RSI. Mixed with growing volume while the price increases slowly after a period of strong decrease... this is a strong bullish signal.
  • STOCH now on the bullish zone.

Weekly chart:

Cryptocurrency Trades by Alan Masters, NPXS, NPXS Altcoin, NPXS Cryptocurrency, NPXS Trade, NPXSBTC, Pundi X

  • Here we can only appreciate the weekly volume and chart structure. Both look good for a positive outlook in the near future.

Note: Trades can take anywhere from a few days, to several weeks or months to fully develop. A trade can take 2-4 months to fully develop as it can take up to 8 months or more. Please keep this in mind. PATIENCE IS KEY!


Upcoming events

Every single month, all of the Pundi X (NPXS) holders receive free coins, an airdrop. This is something that can help maintain the price of this token long term and even push it up from time to time.

  • 30 September 2018
    • Monthly Airdrop Snapshot - "All the Pundi X token holders are eligible for this giveaway mechanism till January 2021. The unlock token happens every month."



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