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[NCASHBTC](705%) Nucleus Vision New All-Time Low

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Nucleus Vision (NCASH) Overview

Nucleus Vision is an IoT-based contactless identification system, empowering retailers to identify and better serve their customers.


Nucleus Vision (NCASHBTC) Charts

NCASHBTC just hit a new all-time low today and you know we love buying at the bottom. Once we reach the bottom, the only place left to go is up.

Here is the “actionable” part of the chart:

[NCASHBTC](705%) Nucleus Vision New All-Time Low

  • We can see the huge bullish divergence here marked with a purple arrow. Prices moving down while MACD/RSI (indicator) moving up.
  • Increased in trading volume as soon as the new low was hit.
  • This is a new low, so all weak hands have been removed completely, buying at the bottom is pretty safe. Even in the case of additional bearish action, it would only take a few weeks before this moves back up. On the other hand, NCASHBTC can choose to bounce here and start producing gains.
  • From current price (36 satoshis) to all-time high (576 satoshis) we are looking at 1500% profits potential.
  • Our last NCASHBTC trade hit two targets, now we get a lower entry and second chance at higher profits, see previous trade here.

Long term chart with targets and profits potential:

[NCASHBTC](705%) Nucleus Vision New All-Time Low



Buy-in: 31 – 36


(1) 42 -Reached 24-Apr. (+17%)
(2) 48 -Reached 24-Apr. (+33%)
(3) 57
(4) 64

(1) 85
(2) 115
(3) 139
(4) 164
(5) 199
(6) 243
(7) 290

Stop loss: Close weekly below 30.

Capital allocation: <10%.



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