[MTHBTC](636%) Monetha PREMIUM Trade

Alan Masters
December 31, 2019
[mcrypto id="29363"][/mcrypto]

4-Feb. | Buy-in updated.

Monetha (MTH) Overview

Monetha provides blockchain consultancy and development services leveraging the Monetha Platform - designed with the goal of offering flexible, powerful, and production-ready technology for quickly launching blockchain-based solutions.

Monetha helps businesses turn blockchain technology in areas such as digital identity and supply chain management.

For more information, visit - (https://www.monetha.io/).


Monetha (MTHBTC) Chart

Here is the chart for Monetha vs Bitcoin:

It is early so the signals are hard to catch... Volume is starting to increase and there is a break above EMA10.

The market cycle is now going in favor of the bulls. MTHBTC is expected to grow a lot... Let's proceed to the numbers.


Monetha PREMIUM Trade by Alan Masters

Buy-in: 0.00000090 - 0.00000120


*) 0.00000156 |Hit 16-Feb. (+19%)
1) 0.00000195
2) 0.00000240
3) 0.00000275
4) 0.00000320
5) 0.00000395
6) 0.00000444
7) 0.00000555
8) 0.00000640
9) 0.00000840
10) 0.00000965

Profits potential: 636%
(Current price 0.00000131)

Stop-loss: Close weekly below 0.00000090.

Capital allocation: <10%.



You know I am right... I have to be right...

I am I, I am ME, I am ALL.

I am new of course...
I've never worked anything similar before.

He/She is big, has the experience, produces results, is wise and respected by all but I don't know...
When it comes to me and him I am smarter... Of course, he is wrong.

So even though it is difficult to say, it is hard to absorb...
I don't want any secrets, the Idiot is my boss.

Why would anybody say something like this?

In a job that you like...
In a life that you love...
In a company that is big...
And a boss that has been there for decades and has always been producing amazing results...

Yes... !
Blame me but I don't know.

He complains by telling me what I did wrong and even has the audacity to give me suggestions on how to improve, how to earn more and even gives me everything that I need in order for me to live in peace, be free of all expenses and have a life that not even my father, a supposedly rich man, don't even know.

But I digress... The idiot is my boss.

Let's take a small turn...

Please ... Allow me a pause.

If your boss is such an idiot, why don't you just create your own company, your own reality, your own dream and achieve your own goals?

Because I am here with you...
I love you and I know that you are smart...
There is no way that your boss is right and you are wrong.

But if you are working for him...
If he pays for your food...
And he always takes care of everything even if you are gone...

It doesn't matter what you are saying, he is not just an idiot, he has been trying to help you all along.

I am sorry... You are right...
Now I get it...

Your boss is a rich man with decades of experience, a beautiful life and has achieved all of those goals he ever wanted and so much more.

So he must be an idiot because he is trying to help you when you are fighting hard and telling others that he is wrong.

He is a complete idiot, because if it was me...


Get up! ... Become strong... Produce your own results...

Instead of calling anybody an idiot... Develop a new method, show it to the public and enjoy once you have the results.