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[MFTBTC](111% PP) Mainframe PREMIUM Trade

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Mainframe (MFT) Overview

Mainframe, is an incentivized and fully decentralized P2P communications layer that enables reliable, secure packet routing, packet delivery, packet holding, file storage and data services.


Mainframe (MFTBTC) Chart Analysis

Daily chart: 


  • On the chart above we can see Mainframe (MFTBTC) 111% profits potential when we measure the difference between current price and November’s 2018 peak.
  • The RSI is on the bullish side and doing numbers that hadn’t been seen since Nov.
  • The MACD is in an uptrend and now reaching the bullish side.
  • A break above EMA50 is happening as I wrote this.
  • MFTBTC is already trading above EMA10…
  • It can make a move anytime now.
  • We will position ourselves and wait patiently to collect profits long term on the way up.


Mainframe (MFTBTC) Trade Instructions

Buy: 0.00000076 – 0.00000086

Next support: 0.00000070


(1) 0.00000097 -Reached
(2) 0.00000103 -Reached
(3) 0.00000113
(4) 0.00000124
(5) 0.00000131
(6) 0.00000140
(7) 0.00000167

Stop loss: Close weekly below 0.00000063.

Capital allocation: <10%.



In your journey, sometimes it will feel as if it is impossible to keep on going.

It will feel like life has betrayed you, even after all the signals and good omens.

Even with vision, spirituality and an open third eye…

You might still be having problems with how you visualize.

If that is your situation, there is nothing new to realize.

It is the same strategy as before, we use the same technique…

All we do is remember, and be always grateful for being alive.

And it all becomes possible… That’s how you materialize.