[MDABTC](753%) Moeda Loyalty Points Next Wave

Alan Masters
July 28, 2019
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[15-Aug.] Buy-in updated.

Moeda Loyalty Points (MDA) Overview

What is Moeda?

Moeda was launched in 2017 at a United Nations “hackathon” in order to address the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. We selected the Seed Projects and facilitate access to financing for entrepreneurs with impact projects who have traditionally found it difficult to access credit through the traditional banking system. They can thus grow and allow their communities to develop. Through blockchain technology and our proprietary digital tokens (MDA, MDABRL), people around the world can promptly and transparently invest in the projects, all the while participating in sustainable growth. Everyone wins.


Moeda Loyalty Points (MDABTC) Chart Analysis

We are going to catch Moeda Loyalty Points next wave and aim for 550% of profits... Here is the chart:

  • We are now seeing an increase in trading volume if you look to the far right of the chart.
  • Both the MACD and RSI are moving up.
  • The August '18 low/support was hit. Last time this support was hit MDABTC had a bull run.
  • We can expect action soon with some short-term targets to be hit and massive bullish action on or after September 2019.
  • Now, let's get to the trade...


Moeda Loyalty Points (MDABTC) PREMIUM Trade by Alan Masters

Buy-in: 0.00005100 - 0.00006000


(0) 0.00007050 -Reached 21-Aug. (+21%)
(1) 0.00008500 -Reached 10-Sept. (+46%)
(2) 0.00010500 -Reached 11-Sept. (+81%)
(3) 0.00011800 -Reached 30-Sept. (+103%)
(4) 0.00013600 -Reached 30-Sept. (+134%)
(5) 0.00015500 -Reached 14-Oct. (+167%)
(6) 0.00016700
(7) 0.00018600
(8) 0.00021700
(9) 0.00023500
(10) 0.00026500
(11) 0.00034500
(12) 0.00039500
(13) 0.00043000
(14) 0.00049500

Profits potential: 753%
(Buy calculated at 0.00005800)

Stop-loss: Close weekly below 0.00005000

Capital allocation: 10%



It keeps on changing and moving and we look for help outside of us.

We want to have certain experiences, yet, we believe, somehow, that help is going to come.

We remain full of hope, our dreams we give up, expecting for answers and solutions that are supposed to come from another Soul.

This is not at all how it all works.

If you want anything...

If you want something...

You have to take care of it on your own.

Not alone...

But it is you who needs to take the first step...

It is you who needs to get the job done.