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[MCOBTC] Monaco by Request [260% – 790% PP]

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monaco (MCO)

Ƀ 0.00080500 1.49%

[9-April] Trade closed in profits.

I was asked to take a look at Monaco (MCOBTC) and yes, looks like action is on its way.


Charts, signals and indicators

I took a quick look at the charts, the first thing I look for is the time frame, I went for the weekly right away to have a look from the “outside”, this way is easier for me to know what is going on overall.

When I look at the chart, which you will see below, I can quickly tell that we have been going down for two months by looking at the candles and notice right away that we have decreasing volume and a curve on the drop. The fact that the MACD is rising while the price goes down on the weekly, and I am being alerted to check this coin, on top of green volume coming up fast, it just gives me several signals that the bullish action we see hitting the altcoins market is starting to heat up… Here is the chart, I don’t want for you to get lost:

Alan Masters Trades, Monaco, Monaco (MCOBTC), Monaco Trade by Alan Masters Trades

  • The price at which Monaco (MCOBTC) is at now has always worked as strong support, all the way back to 2017 on this chart.
  • As the price decreases, as well as the bear volume, and we have bullish signals coming up, with a strong break on the daily… This can give you a good idea of what is about to come… UP!
  • Please notice that the weekly volume is very low, but the week is just starting now and it is already higher than July when MCOBTC had a strong move up.
  • Let’s look at the daily chart to get more data since here we don’t have enough…

Daily chart:

Alan Masters Trades, Monaco, Monaco (MCOBTC), Monaco Trade by Alan Masters Trades

  • Here we can spot the break above EMA10 line with good volume, highest since July.
  • We are bouncing from strong support as mentioned before. We have two red (Doji) candles followed by the breakout.
  • This still needs confirmation, there are several ways to approach a trade. Mainly you can buy before or after breakout. Since we are bullish on cryptocurrency long term, and the market seems to be making a bottom, we buy before breakout with a tight stop loss. When altcoins breakout, they can go up 10, 20, 30 percent and some even higher in a few hours or days… We want to position ourselves before this happens so that we can enjoy the ride all the way up. So we buy low to sell high. Patience is key.
  • Let’s move on to the trade instructions…

Note: Income potential based on current vs last peak and all time high MCOBTC prices.


Trade instructions Monaco (MCOBTC)

Buy in: Up to 0.000640
(Avg buy in: 0.000580)

Targets for MCOBTC for Alan Masters Trades PREMIUM supporters

(1) 0.000782 -Reached 5-Jan. (+35%)
(2) 0.000890 -Reached 17-Feb. (+53%)
(3) 0.001060 -Reached 15-Mar. (+83%)
(4) 0.001190
(5) 0.001350

(1) 0.001570
(2) 0.001801
(3) 0.002121
(4) 0.002540

(1) 0.003421
(2) 0.004091
(3) 0.005041
(4) 0.006241

Stop loss: Close below 0.00051 on the weekly (Low risk, very high reward).

Capital allocation: <5%.



What does it mean to be alone?

Is it good or bad?

Have you ever been alone, if yes, what it was like?

Being alone can’t be good, bad, right or wrong.

Being alone is a decision that attracts learning and it is normally called upon by your soul.

Being alone can be sad, the moment you still don’t understand.

But once the lesson is over, another chance will come for you to experience the rest.

You will no longer be alone, you will be accompanied again.

When your soul needs a new lesson, alone again you will find yourself.

This time it won’t be good or bad, this time around you will understand.


[Original date published: Sep 4, 2018]