[KMDBTC](258%) Komodo Double Bottom

Alan Masters
May 24, 2019
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[3-July] Closed. We have a trade signal with better buy-in, we will share again if necessary. First-round already completed with 38% profits.

KMDBTC Trade signal: https://alanmasterstrades.com/komodo-kmdbtc223/

Komodo (KMDBTC) Chart Analysis

KMDBTC Long term chart:

[KMDBTC](258%) Komodo Double Bottom
Source: https://www.tradingview.com/x/4HEJEZ0J/

  • Here we are looking at a double bottom on the long term weekly chart for Komodo (KMDBTC).
  • After this demand/support zone was hit last time, back in November 2018, KMDBTC went on a bullish wave that generated 190% profits. We believe that the next wave can be even bigger, we are looking at around 250% profits from the current price to resistance. Up to 720% in profits to ATH.
  • Bullish divergence on the MACD.
  • Increasing trading volume.

Let's take a closer look to see the different signals in the making:

[KMDBTC](258%) Komodo Double Bottom
Source: https://www.tradingview.com/x/HPg7W8UF/

  • The bullish divergence on the above chart is marked with a purple arrow and is showing up on both the MACD and RSI.
  • Now trading above EMA10 (needs a close above it on the daily time frame for signal confirmation).


Komodo (KMDBTC) Trade

Buy-in: 0.000140 - 0.000155

Next support: 0.000130


(1) 0.000164 -Reached 26-May (+9%)
(2) 0.000181 -Reached 29-May (+20%)
(3) 0.000194 -Reached 29-May (+28%)
(4) 0.000210 -Reached 4-June (+38%)
(5) 0.000227
(6) 0.000255
(7) 0.000283
(8) 0.000303
(9) 0.000329
(10) 0.000402
(11) 0.000448
(12) 0.000481
(13) 0.000540

Profits potential: 258%
(Buy-in calculated at 0.000151)

Stop-loss: Close weekly below 0.000120

Capital allocation: <10%.



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