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[KEYBTC](314%) Selfkey Potential Bottom Catch

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[1-May] Short term targets adjusted/updated for higher accuracy.

Good day my fellow cryptocurrency trader, right now I am looking at Selfkey (KEYBTC) on a potential bottom catch. I am going to be looking at some mixed signals that I don’t normally share, so it is basically an incomplete set up based on my normal strategy, but still a potentially very rewarding one with minimum risk… Let’s trade!


Selfkey (KEYBTC) Chart Analysis

Let me start by showing you the long term chart. This chart is not quite readable but it shows that KEYBTC hit an all-time low recently at 54 satoshis. Here is the chart:

[KEYBTC]() Selfkey Potential Bottom Catch

  • The brown dashed line at the bottom marks this low.

Now we can take a closer look:

[KEYBTC]() Selfkey Potential Bottom Catch

  • Here we can start appreciating a strong drop that accelerated until the 54 satoshis low was hit supported by no volume, so there aren’t that many buyers on the way down.
  • A new low has been hit and we see the MACD histogram moving in favor of the bulls.
  • Clear bullish divergence can be spotted on the RSI.

If we go out a bit further, we can also notice the strong bullish divergence shown on the MACD, here:

[KEYBTC]() Selfkey Potential Bottom Catch

  • So these signals are telling us that the bottom might be in or will be in soon, we still open room for an additional 10% drop just in case, crypto is very volatile, this will be reflected in the trade details.

What you read above are early signals and nothing confirmed, KEYBTC is still trading below EMA10 and there is no high volume breakout to confirm a change of trend, in fact, there is no breakout at all.

So I am using a combination of my experience and other factors for this trade, market cycle and the action the other altcoins are having. So this is a different type of set up but if it playsout it can be massively profitable. I am also looking at shorter and longer time frames as well as many other signals not described in this post.

Let’s get to the trade instructions.


Selfkey (KEYBTC) PREMIUM Trade by Alan Masters

Buy-in: 0.00000052 – 0.00000056
(Buy-in calculated at: 0.00000054)

Next support: 0.00000047

Targets for KEYBTC

(0) 0.00000061 -Reached 30-April
(1) 0.00000067
(2) 0.00000072
(3) 0.00000080
(4) 0.00000090
(5) 0.00000101
(6) 0.00000108

Longer term

(1) 0.00000116
(2) 0.00000133
(3) 0.00000154
(4) 0.00000178
(5) 0.00000192
(6) 0.00000192
(7) 0.00000216
(8) 0.00000232

Stop loss: Close weekly below 0.00000046

Capital allocation: <10%.



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We are one.

We started as one.

We fought as one.

We kept at it as one.

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Together it can be done.

Because if you are truly together, together you are also one.