[KAIBTC](1146%) KardiaChain PREMIUM Trade

Alan Masters
March 13, 2021
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30-Sept. | Back within "BUY" range.

About KardiaChain (KAI)

What Is KardiaChain (KAI)?

KardiaChain is a blockchain platform that aims to be fully interoperable and "non-invasive," meaning that blockchains can connect to the network without needing to make technical modifications to their own protocols. KardiaChain uses a dual-node structure to facilitate the connection between its own ledger and other blockchains, sharding for scalability and smart contracts for developers.

The platform relies on a native token, KAI, which is used for staking, transaction fees, participating in services and deploying smart contracts.

KardiaChain was first announced in October 2018, and its mainnet went live in December 2020.

Website: www.kardiachain.io.


KardiaChain (KAIBTC) Chart

Here we have the weekly and daily charts for KAIBTC, let's start with the weekly.

  • Here we can see a falling wedge broken.
  • Prices moving above EMA10, green line.
  • MACD trending up coming out of All-Time Lows.
  • Prices hit new lows recently.
  • Over 2.5 months of consolidation.
  • The RSI trending higher and already above 50 weekly.
  • Over 690% potential for profits & more.

Now the daily chart:

  • Here we can see prices moving above EMA50 and EMA100 with bullish indicators.

All is good to trade.


KardiaChain (KAIBTC) Trade Numbers by Alan Masters

Buy-in: 0.0000006030 - 0.0000008500

Next support: 0.0000004100 - 0.0000005200


1) 0.0000009410 |Hit 13-Mar. (+19%)
2) 0.0000012500 |Hit 15-Mar. (+58%)
3) 0.0000017850 |Hit 19-Mar. (+125%)
4) 0.0000022150 |Hit 19-Mar. (+179%)
5) 0.0000026450 |Hit 14-Apr. (+233%)
6) 0.0000032500
7) 0.0000040300
8) 0.0000048850
9) 0.0000062500
10) 0.0000076500
11) 0.0000086400
12) 0.0000098800

Potential profits: 1146%

Stop-loss: Close weekly below 0.0000004000.

Capital allocation: <10%.



The markets are always moving...

Prices are always fluctuating...

It is too late to sell when prices already drop!

It is very important to plan ahead, that is why we set our sell orders right after we jump into a trade.

We have weeks and weeks of bullish action, we also have weeks and weeks of bearish action...

The trend reversal always comes out of the blue, with no signals.

One day the market is Ultra GREEN and strong...
The next day the market has gone RED and everything drops.

It is too late to buy when prices are already going up...
So we buy low around support, wait patiently and then enjoy the entire ride as prices grow.

It is too late to sell when prices are already dropping, you can get minus 30%, 40%, and even 50% on the initial drop...
But, if you have a sell order that fills as prices are going up, you can buy back lower since you would have a balance available when we reach support.

Plan before-hand, check the strategy we share in the 'LEARN' section of the website with you all.

Make sure to always secure a portion of your profits for withdrawals...
Make sure to always diversify...
Make sure to be patient after you purchase the coin of your choice.

Patience is key.

Opportunities come and go.

Feel free to contact me anytime with your questions.

Thanks a lot for your support.