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[IOPBTC](7000%+ PP) Internet Of People Bounces From All Time Low

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[10-April] Trade active and up to date.

Internet Of People (IOP) Overview

Internet of People is creating the new, decentralized internet – the Web 3.0 – based on the Mercury protocol, a node-based environment for building truly decentralized apps.


Internet Of People (IOPBTC) Chart Analysis

This time we will start with the daily chart for learning and entertainment purposes since I saw two signals that we haven’t visited in a while there.

Here is the daily chart, let’s read it together: 


On this first chart, I want to show you the huge downtrend (red arrow – price going down). At the bottom of this huge downtrend, we have a “hammer candlestick”, let’s take a closer look: 


  • The “hammer” is a bullish candlestick when it comes out at the bottom of a trend. It signals the potential beginning of a change of trend.
  • Followed by this hammer is a high volume breakout above EMA10 (green line). The volume bar is not really big, but is higher than all the previous green volume bars and the day is just starting. It will be bigger by the end of the day if the bulls follow up.
  • So these two simple candlesticks can signal the beginning of a change of trend.
  • Since these signals can be invalidated, the markets/trading bots do whatever they want, we always use a stop loss when trading.
  • Another strong signal on the daily chart is the bullish divergence on the MACD. I’ll detail this one in another post.

Now, let’s look at Internet Of People (IOPBTC) long term for our trade: 


  • When an asset/altcoin hits an all-time high, we sell and move on. We literally forget about it because after it goes up, then comes down. Just as you can see on the chart above, IOPBTC has been declining since Feb. 2017 until Feb. 2019 (Two long years).
  • Now IOPBTC has hit an all-time low, so we look to buy here and profit massively on the way up.
  • The main resistance to break is EMA10. After that, we wait patiently for the remaining targets to be hit.
  • Once we are in profit, we don’t mind waiting as long as we are green and we sell whenever we want as much as we want.
  • For more specific details on how to maximize profits selling the targets, check the “Education” tab on this website.
  • Now, let’s trade.


IOPBTC Trade Instructions by Alan Masters

Buy-in: 0.00002600 – 0.00003100


(1) 0.00003700
(2) 0.00004250
(3) 0.00005450
(4) 0.00007200
(5) 0.00010000
(6) 0.00012800
(7) 0.00014500
(8) 0.00017300
(9) 0.00021800

Additional targets.

First round:
(1) 0.00003700 -Reached  5-Mar. (+17%)
(2) 0.00004250 -Reached  6-Mar. (+34%)

Stop loss: Close weekly candle below 0.00002500.

Capital allocation: <5%.




Happy, sad.

Rich, poor.

Down, up.

A change of mood has come.

We are changing from the down attitude, to the positive up.