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[IOCBTC](490% – 2800% PP) I/OCoin Long Term Trade

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I/O Coin (IOC)

Ƀ 0.00002160 10.35%

[10-April] Closed in profits.

I/OCoin (IOC) Overview

The IOC development team is currently in steadfast development, upgrading its open source blockchain protocol to host a fully private cryptocurrency. Enabling confidential, decentralized peer to peer digital payments. IOC currently fuels Dapps (decentralized applications) that take advantage of a full array of features, from encrypted document storage, encrypted transfer, identity storage to a fully encrypted messaging system.


I/OCoin (IOCBTC) Chart Analysis

We are looking at I/OCoin long term. These are set it and forget it trades, but you can trade actively when it comes to the first few targets. For higher targets and higher profits, it can take many months for such a trade to fully develop.

Now, let’s go to the charts. Long term chart for IOCBTC: 


  • The blue arrow on the chart, which is also on the MACD, represents the bullish divergence.
  • The RSI has broken above April’s 2018 resistance and is trending up.
  • Trading above EMA10 (this signal is only confirmed when the week closes).
  • Already shredded 95% of its value from its last bull run and found support around Nov. 2015 price levels.
  • Consolidation next followed by bullish action.
  • We focus first on the short term targets.
  • Let’s trade!


I/OCoin (IOCBTC) Trade

Buy-in: 0.0000376 – 0.0000410
(Avg. buy-in: 0.0000393)

Next support (2nd entry): 0.0000270 – 0.0000300

IOCBTC targets:

Short term:
(1) 0.0000468 -Reached 14-Mar. (+19%)
(2) 0.0000539 -Reached 17-Mar. (+37%)
(3) 0.0000589 -Reached 19-Mar. (+50%)
(4) 0.0000654 -Reached 22-Mar. (+66%)
(5) 0.0000725 -Reached 23-Mar. (+84%)
(6) 0.0000900 -Reached 4-April (+129%)

Long term
(1) 0.0000915
(2) 0.0001315
(3) 0.0001960
(4) 0.0002420
(5) 0.0003000

Stop loss: Close weekly candle below 0.0000250

Capital allocation: <5%.



Life can be amazing when you start to grow.

The path to mastery becomes enticing, everything you do becomes part of what you want in your Soul.

So you keep moving forward, you keep working, never wasting a minute, never ever letting yourself go.

One happy day, always in bliss, you stop to meditate.

Enjoying every minute, since work, meditation and practicing is your day to day life, and you are grateful for all those experiences no matter how hard they can be.

As you grow you become wiser, and this time you learned something important in a dream.

The growing part in all areas of your life becomes so entertaining, that you forgot something really, really deep.

It was something like this, “It doesn’t matter how far you are going, taking a break is necessary if you really want to succeed”.

I understand now… It’s time to sleep.