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[INSBTC][920% PP] Insolar Full Analysis & Trade

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Insolar (INS) Overview

Insolar Mission

Insolar is building an open source enterprise-grade blockchain platform to enable seamless interactions between
companies and unlock new growth opportunities powered by distributed trust.


Insolar Upcoming Events

  • Insolar (INS) – Testnet Launch (22-Jan-2019)


Insolar (INS) Fundamentals

  • After their rebranding, Insolar is currently ranked #1 in Github development (
  • Insolar gathered one of the strongest teams in crypto of 60+ full time employees (, they set up their our own development center with world’s leading blockchain academics and currently heading to testnet launch planned in January 22.
  • Insolar is building an enterprise blockchain solution that will help companies interact in a more secure and efficient way. “It’s a solid project with clear mission and vision, targeting huge market that will reach $38 bil by 2021”.
  • INS is traded on major exchanges including Binance, Okex, Bithumb and KuCoin.


Insolar (INSBTC) Chart Analysis by Alan Masters

Long term chart: 

INS, INSBTC, Insolar, Insolar (INS) on Binance, Insolar (INSBTC) by Alan Masters Trades

  • Let’s start by looking at the chart for INSBTC and first you can see that we have the ATH and April’s peak price marked and the profits potential.
  • INSBTC has been able to hold a trend line (green dotted line) since 12th September. Now, most altcoins hit a low at this time but later continued to fall when Bitcoin broke down. Many more altcoins went and created new lows but INSBTC maintained its price, which is a clear signal of strength as it wasn’t affected by the negative pressure of the market.
  • We are reaching a breakout point and this cryptocurrency can be traded long term.
  • Let’s get started… Let’s trade!


Insolar (INSBTC) Trade with Alan Masters Trades PREMIUM

Buy in:

(1) 0.0000610 – 680 (Avg. 0.0000645)
(2) 0.0000480 – 540

Next support: 0.0000400.


(1) 0.0000750 – Reached 20-Dec. (+16%)

(1) 0.0000830 – Reached 20-Dec. (+28%)
(2) 0.0001000
(3) 0.0001221
(4) 0.0001642
(5) 0.0001957
(6) 0.0002379

(1) 0.0002520
(2) 0.0002867
(3) 0.0003430
(4) 0.0003830
(5) 0.0004340
(6) 0.0005813
(7) 0.0006737

Stop loss: Close weekly candle below 0.0000360.

Capital allocation: <10%.



Success can be achieved in many different ways.

Working alone can be pleasant, all can be done, there is no limit to the decisions you make.

But a team can make it so much more.

A team can make you really strong.

For the team to materialize the dream presented by the core.

We all need to work together and bathe in the feeling of trust.


If you are happy with the results of this trade, feel free to send Alan Masters a gift.