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[INSBTC][920% PP] Insolar Full Analysis & Trade

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Insolar (INS)

Ƀ 0.00004150 0.41%

[9-April] Trade active.

Insolar (INS) Overview

Insolar Mission

Insolar is building an open source enterprise-grade blockchain platform to enable seamless interactions between
companies and unlock new growth opportunities powered by distributed trust.


Insolar Upcoming Events

  • Insolar (INS) – Testnet Launch (22-Jan-2019)


Insolar (INS) Fundamentals

  • After their rebranding, Insolar is currently ranked #1 in Github development (
  • Insolar gathered one of the strongest teams in crypto of 60+ full time employees (, they set up their our own development center with world’s leading blockchain academics and currently heading to testnet launch planned in January 22.
  • Insolar is building an enterprise blockchain solution that will help companies interact in a more secure and efficient way. “It’s a solid project with clear mission and vision, targeting huge market that will reach $38 bil by 2021”.
  • INS is traded on major exchanges including Binance, Okex, Bithumb and KuCoin.


Insolar (INSBTC) Chart Analysis by Alan Masters

Long term chart: 

INS, INSBTC, Insolar, Insolar (INS) on Binance, Insolar (INSBTC) by Alan Masters Trades

  • Let’s start by looking at the chart for INSBTC and first you can see that we have the ATH and April’s peak price marked and the profits potential.
  • INSBTC has been able to hold a trend line (green dotted line) since 12th September. Now, most altcoins hit a low at this time but later continued to fall when Bitcoin broke down. Many more altcoins went and created new lows but INSBTC maintained its price, which is a clear signal of strength as it wasn’t affected by the negative pressure of the market.
  • We are reaching a breakout point and this cryptocurrency can be traded long term.
  • Let’s get started… Let’s trade!


Insolar (INSBTC) Trade with Alan Masters Trades PREMIUM

Buy in:

(1) 0.0000610 – 680 (Avg. 0.0000645)
(2) 0.0000480 – 540

Next support: 0.0000400.


(1) 0.0000750 – Reached 20-Dec. (+16%)

(1) 0.0000830 – Reached 20-Dec. (+28%)
(2) 0.0001000
(3) 0.0001221
(4) 0.0001642
(5) 0.0001957
(6) 0.0002379

(1) 0.0002520
(2) 0.0002867
(3) 0.0003430
(4) 0.0003830
(5) 0.0004340
(6) 0.0005813
(7) 0.0006737

Stop loss: Close weekly candle below 0.0000360.

Capital allocation: <10%.



Success can be achieved in many different ways.

Working alone can be pleasant, all can be done, there is no limit to the decisions you make.

But a team can make it so much more.

A team can make you really strong.

For the team to materialize the dream presented by the core.

We all need to work together and bathe in the feeling of trust.