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[HMQBTC](3300%) Humaniq At Its Lows

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[27-April] Short term targets added.

[10-April] Entry updated.

Humaniq (HMQ) Overview

Humaniq is a banking application based on blockchain technology, available to both Android and iOS users. Its blockchain and biometric recognition-based mobile application is aimed at opening the banking world to a whole new generation of the unbanked population.

Functioning on the Ethereum blockchain, it offers core banking operations along with third party service availability. These services are offered in the form of peer to peer lending, data security, loans, and more.


Humaniq (HMQBTC) Chart Analysis

We’ve had several trade signals for HMQBTC. One hit one target for 20% and nothing more. Another one failed and one is still active.

I am only sharing this one here for the long term potential and targets since we have a trade signal that is active. The chart is pretty simple, this is how a bottomed out altcoin looks like:

[HMQBTC](3300%) Humaniq At Its Lows

  • Bottomed out.
  • Already trading above EMA10 (bullish potential is on).
  • RSI coming out of oversold.
  • MACD trending up.
  • We are looking at 3300% profits potential to its June 2017 all-time high. A new high will be hit on the next cryptocurrency market bull run.
  • Simple but very reliable signals.


Humaniq (HMQBTC) Full Trade

Buy-in: 0.00000190 – 0.00000220

Next support: 0.00000200


(0) 0.00000270
(1) 0.00000320
(2) 0.00000370
(3) 0.00000450
(4) 0.00000530

(1) 0.00000685
(2) 0.00000989
(3) 0.00001230
(4) 0.00001480
(5) 0.00001820
(6) 0.00002270
(7) 0.00002760
(8) 0.00003060
(9) 0.00003550
(10) 0.00004350
(11) 0.00004920
(12) 0.00005630
(13) 0.00007710
(14) 0.00009000 (ATH)

Please visit the “Signals” page and use the search bar for HMQBTC short term targets.

Stop loss: Close weekly below 0.00000180.

Capital allocation: <8%.



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