[FUNBTC] FunFair LONG [500% PP]

Alan Masters
September 30, 2018
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FunFair (FUNBTC) on the weekly time frame:

Fun, FUNBTC, FunFair, FunFair (FUN) by Alan Masters Trades

  • First let's start with the candlesticks. On the 10 Sept. week, marked purple, we have a hammer candle, followed by a high volume inverted hammer on the 1 Oct. week. These are both reversal signals when they show up at the bottom of a trend.
  • You can see the red down trendline, which is no longer holding the price.
  • The brown line is where FUNBTC found support, it coincides with late 2017 prices before the bull run.
  • MACD bullish crossover with changing volume (red to green) and RSI is sitting on the lows, sellers are exhausted.
  • Still trading below EMA10, FUN is getting ready to move in a matter of weeks or days.
  • Let's get started with a profitable trade. This is a solid altcoin that has generated good profits for us in the past.


FunFair Trade Instructions

Buy in: 0.00000210 - 0.00000230

Targets by Alan Masters:

(1) 0.00000268
(2) 0.00000325
(3) 0.00000406
(4) 0.00000467
(5) 0.00000576
(6) 0.00000643
(7) 0.00000800
(8) 0.00000928
(9) 0.00001212

Stop loss: Close weekly candle below 0.00000183.

Capital allocation: <15%.



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