Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get by becoming a PREMIUM Supporter?

By becoming PREMIUM a supporter gains access to all content on AlanMastersTrades.com. This includes exclusive trades only available to PREMIUM supporters, exclusive trade signals, educational articles to learn cryptocurrency trading and maximize profits, masternodes support and hosting, direct access to Alan Masters, entry into our Discord channel (chat & updates) and much more.

What’s the difference between PREMIUM Trades and exclusive trade signals?

PREMIUM trades include a detailed analysis of altcoin/token in question, buy-in range, sell targets, stop losses, chart analysis and Soul & Spirit lifting messages.

Trade signals are brief and designed for more direct trades. These include only the buy-in range, sell targets, and stop loss.

How can I access PREMIUM trades and exclusive trade signals?

PREMIUM trades and trade signals are accessible directly to logged in users at https://alanmasterstrades.com.

Will I receive a notification when new trades are published?

When new content is released, PREMIUM supporters receive immediately an email notification. A notification is sent in throug our Discord PREMIUM Group as well.

If you aren’t receiving emails, please check your spam folder. If you still don’t see any emails, you may have unsubscribed and were removed from our mailing list. To subscribe to email notifications once you have unsubscribed, contact us via [email protected] or via our website.

How do I contact with Alan Masters?

PREMIUM supporters can contact Alan Masters directly through Discord or Telegram. His contact details are available at your backoffice.

Where can I communicate with other Alan Masters Supporters?

All PREMIUM supporters are granted access to our private Discord channel, which consists of our chat section and different trades notifications.

Where should I verify my account details?

You can check your details under the “account” section. A link can be found at the bottom of all pages of alanmasterstrades.com.

You can access your account directly here.

Do I have to use BTC to become PREMIUM?

We accept over 40 different cryptocurrencies (altcoins), including Bitcoin. You may choose your preferred payment method at checkout.

I bought LIFETIME, how I gain access to Alan Masters Crypto (AMC) Telegram Signals channel?

You can request access directly from Alan Masters.

What is Alan Masters Crypto (AMC) Telegram Signals channel?

Alan Masters Crypto (AMC) Telegram Signals channel is a completely different platform. For information, you can visit https://t.me/AMC1Regbot.

Alan Masters Official Accounts:

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Direct Telegram @alanmasters

Alan Masters (https://alanmasters.com)

Thanks a lot for the continued support.

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