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[EVXBTC] Everex After Accumulation [555% PP]

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[6-October-2018] TRADE CLOSED IN PROFITS (We officially close this trade at 107% profits).

You can sell as much as you want and keep as much as you want to sell on higher targets.

You can check the “Selling for Profits” article under the “Education” section for additional information on how to sell the targets.


We have a pretty straight forward chart for Everex (EVXBTC). Let’s take a look:

everex, Everex (EVX) by Alan Masters Trades, evx, evxbtc

  • MACD Bullish crossover.
  • Increasing volume. Highest volume in several months.
  • STOCH oversold. Low RSI. Room available for growth.


Trade instructions for Everex (EVXBTC)

Buy in: 0.0000653 – 0.0000711

Targets for EVXBTC by Alan Masters:

(1) 0.0000843 * Target hit 6-Oct. *
(2) 0.0000916 * Target hit 6-Oct. *
(3) 0.0001010 * Target hit 6-Oct. *
(4) 0.0001231 * Target hit 6-Oct. *
(5) 0.0001501 * Target hit 6-Oct. @ 0.000141 *

Trade closed. Additional targets (You can hold as much EVXBTC you want to sell on higher targets).

(6) 0.0001761
(7) 0.0002222
(8) 0.0002525
(9) 0.0003000
(10)0.0004770 (ATH)

Stop loss: Close weekly below 0.00005638.

Capital allocation: <5%.

Note: You can set your sell orders before we hit our targets, so that they get filled automatically when prices start to move up.

Makes sure to raise stop loss above buy in level after we hit our first target for profits only.