[ENGBTC](369% – 1580%) Enigma Bottomed Out, PREMIUM Trade

Alan Masters
March 27, 2020
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7-Apr. | Trade active

Enigma (ENG) Overview

Enigma (ENG) is a crypto platform that’s trying to solve the problem of privacy on the blockchain by giving access to data storage and privacy while remaining scalable. Enigma aims to extend Ethereum Smart Contracts by introducing secret contracts.

Secret contracts would operate off-chain, meaning the execution of the contract doesn’t occur on the Ethereum blockchain, but rather sorts any related data into pieces, encrypts those pieces, and distributes them redundantly among Enigma nodes.

Source: coinmarketcap.com


Enigma (ENGBTC) Chart Analysis & Signals

How are you doing today? Let’s start by looking at the Enigma chart on the daily timeframe, starting somewhere back in August 2019:

  • Here we can notice a new low being hit just days ago on the 24th of March.
  • We can also appreciate really high volume (a big green volume bar came up today).
  • Prices now trading above EMA10.
  • (Hitting a new low just to bounce strong and break  above EMA10 on high volume, are all signals that can indicate a bottom forming and a potential change of trend)
  • The MACD indicator is showing a bullish cross (the blue line [MACD] crossed up the orange line [SIGNAL]).
  • We can also notice over 350% of potential profits just by looking at a few short-term targets.

Now, let’s take a different look and enjoy the weekly chart, long-term:

  • Here we can see big green volume coming in after 5 weeks of pure red.
  • EMA10 is sitting at 0.00002869, the current price is 0.00001809, a 58% gap. After EMA10 broke down and prices hit a new ATL, a bounce surely follows, so even if there isn’t a full change of trend coming, a relief rally is likely to take place, but we are aiming for the change of trend. On the bounce, we would normally hit at least EMA10 which “secures” about 55%+ of potential profits easy.
  • We can see the true All-Time Low on this chart which took place on the week of the 10th of December 2018.
  • The long-term potential profits when we look at the Fib. numbers are really strong, Enigma is aiming at 4000%+ long-term (years).
  • We are visiting all these signals for learning purposes and entertainment.
  • Next is the VPVR indicator, which shows the volume bars to the right. This indicator is showing that the momentum is towards the upside.
  • Let’s move on… Time to trade!


ENGBTC Full PREMIUM Trade Numbers

Buy-in: 0.00001650 – 0.00001900

Next support: 0.00001450


*) 0.00002948 |Hit 14-May (+64%)
1) 0.00003100 |Hit 27-May (+72%)
2) 0.00004100 |Hit 20-July (+128%)
3) 0.00004850 |Hit 12-Aug. (+169%)
4) 0.00005750 |Hit 17-Aug. (+219%)
5) 0.00006800 |Hit 24-Aug. (+278%)
6) 0.00007400 |Hit 28-Aug. (+311%)
7) 0.00008450

1) 0.00010400
2) 0.00012500
3) 0.00015500
4) 0.00019000
5) 0.00023500
6) 0.00026100
7) 0.00030300

Potential profits: 369% – 1580%
(Price at writing 0.00001800)


  1. Close weekly below 0.00000970 (longer term)
  2. Close weekly below 0.00001400 (normal)

Capital allocation: <10%.


The Humble Servant, No More

I opened up myself to this world as a servant…

A servant of life,
A servant of God.

And I continued to walk this path, I blindly follow the path of my Soul.

Life is super entertaining and is always changing, change is home.

I found myself no longer serving, now I am experiencing selfless service from those that want to see me grow.

And I never denied to serve, change wasn’t everything but a choice.

As I always enjoyed serving, just being… A humble servant I am no more.

(To be continued…)