[DUSKBTC](228%) Dusk Network PREMIUM Trade

Alan Masters
October 11, 2019
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[Closed after hitting profits] 

Dusk Network (DUSKBTC) Overview

Dusk Network is an open-source and privacy-oriented blockchain based on years of academic research. You can use Dusk Network to create smart contracts that control digital assets and securities.


Dusk Network (DUSKBTC) Chart

Here is the chart for Dusk Network (DUSKBTC) on Binance. This is a young chart and only has one wave on file... Let's take a look:

  • DUSKBTC went below the 1 fib. retracement level from the last bullish wave... This means that all gains were removed plus more. With all gains removed and a new All-Time Low hit, Dusk Network might be ready to move up.
  • Bullish divergence is showing up with both the MACD and RSI.
  • DUSK is now above EMA10.
  • The MACD is showing a bullish crossover and the histogram is going towards the bulls.
  • The RSI is still below 50 (bearish) but trending up and gaining momentum.


Dusk Network (DUSKBTC) PREMIUM Trade

Buy-in: 0.00000720 - 0.00000790

Next support: 0.00000650 - 0.00000700


1) 0.00000852 |Hit 11-Oct. (+9%)
2) 0.00000957 |Hit 12-Oct. (+23%)
3) 0.00001030
4) 0.00001125
5) 0.00001295
6) 0.00001400
7) 0.00001570
8) 0.00001845
9) 0.00002250
10) 0.00002565

Profits potential: 228%
(Buy-in calculated at 0.00000780)

Stop-loss: Close weekly below 0.00000640.

Capital allocation: <15%.



It is not the end... It is a new beginning... Accept it... Adapt to change!

We open ourselves up once more, after lots of growth, lots of experiences, great adventures, incredible pain...

It doesn't matter what happened with everything that was left behind today.

As soon as I wake up... Feeling refreshed, ready to roll...

The past is in the past...

My Soul is calling for growth.

Regardless of what has happened, I am charged, I am ready...

When the Angels show up, I ask for guidance once more... I am always ultra polite but my feelings speak for my Soul.

Without many details nor visions for me to be entertained, the message is very clear and it has been calling throughout the day...

If you want to continue positive, if you want these experiences you aim for every day...

GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE... Relax... Have some fun...

It is time to play!