[DAGBTC](508%) Constellation PREMIUM Trade

Alan Masters
July 12, 2020
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Constellation (DAG) Overview

Cybersecurity for Big Data
Constellation allows you to implement security and auditability for complex datasets without changing existing IT infrastructure. It’s secure, cost-effective, scalable, and easy to integrate.

Website: constellationnetwork.io/


Constellation (DAGBTC) Chart Analysis

Here we are going to be looking at DAGBTC on KuCoin... The chart is looking good and there are also multiple signals that we can use for learning, which is great.

We get to trade, profit & learn all at the same time... We start with the daily (D) chart (24 hours per candle):

  • The black line on this chart is the indicator MA200. Moving average of 200 periods.
  • Prices dropped below this level and jumped back up. This results in a bullish signal because if prices were to continue lower, they would stay below this black line.

Bullish divergence with the MACD is also visible.
As prices moved to close below MA200, the candles where closing lower and lower... But take a look at the MACD below:

  • We can clearly see prices closing higher and higher.
  • We have DAGBTC closing lower and the MACD closing higher... We call this bullish divergence, another great/strong/easy to read bullish signal.

Going back to the first chart, we can also see prices closing above EMA200 (brown line) and EMA50 (magenta line). Which confirms the bounce we saw when MA200 was tested as support.

Naturally, if prices were to move back below these levels, the bullish bias loses strength but there is more...

If we use the Fib. extension/retracement tool and set it first at the last peak/high and then down to the All-Time Low, we will get the Fib. retracement levels for the last bullish wave... Let's have a look!

  • Notice that the bounce also coincides with the 0.786 Fib. retracement level (retracement because we set the Fib. tool from top to bottom, not because we use the extension or retracement tool, the numbers will always be the same).
  • This little detail gives additional strength to our signal.

I could go on... But I will be sharing more PREMIUM trades for you all.

Thanks a lot for the support.


Constellation (DAGBTC) Full PREMIUM Trade by Alan Masters

With the learning part covered, we can move to the numbers... Remember, this is not financial advice.
This is all shared for learning and/or entertainment purposes only... Let's continue.

Buy-in: 0.0000009290 - 0.0000011990
(This is the price which we can use to enter a trade, I normally make this up on the go but over time I learned to make it more based on the charts).

In this case, I chose this buy-in range based on the MA200 support and the current price.
First, since we are bullish above MA200, we can buy above this level.
Second, people need to be able to buy-in now and so we use the current price and last high.
I made this all up based on trial and error... Many errors, but in the end, it turned into a successful system.

Next-support: 0.0000007660
(The cryptocurrency market is wild and can print huge price swings... If prices drop below our buy-in the bullish bias isn't yet gone, so I share a potential second entry in case the prices drop. Here we use the 0.786 Fib. retracement support). If you were doing this yourself you could use a range a little below and above this level.

(This is where we sell for profits... We normally recommend selling a portion at each target but everybody can adapt our strategies to fit their own needs and lifestyle... For example, holding long and selling at higher targets or selling lots early on). I get my targets based on Fib. proportions. You just need to set the Fib. tool at any low and at any high and this will give you a bunch of numbers, these can be your targets, it takes practice to get this part correct).

I will use the weekly chart to extract the targets for this pair (the last low and peak) and then just copy the numbers here... It is all incredibly simple but can also be extremely profitable:

I could do a better job, put more energy into this but since we get the results we want (which is profits, period), I just throw it all there... Then I am also doing the work of 10 people... You might be able to understand why I don't' make it more 'beautiful' and just focus on the results.

For my targets, I choose the Fib. levels that I feel are the correct ones in the moment and change them based on how I am feeling... It is all always feelings-based, ALWAYS.

1) 0.0000012111 |Hit 13-July (+3%)
2) 0.0000015242 |Hit 18-July (+30%)
*) 0.0000017200 |Hit 22-July (+47%)
3) 0.0000018300 |Hit 12-Aug. (+57%)
4) 0.0000022800 |Hit 21-Aug. (+96%)
5) 0.0000028400
6) 0.0000034500
7) 0.0000038500
8) 0.0000044800
9) 0.0000055000
10) 0.0000062000
11) 0.0000071300

Not all targets are meant to be hit... These are reference points only.
I shared multiple strategies on the "LEARN" section of the website so you can choose the one that works best for you.
I am always available, and the entire community, on the Discord chatrooms if you want to discuss what others are doing.

Potential profits: 508%
(I divided my buy-in price with the last target... It gives me the potential profits).
Buy-in calculated at 0.0000011711

Stop-loss: Close weekly (W) below 0.0000070000
(Can be anything you like. Below MA200, below 0.786 Fib. support... Below a strong support level, the last low, your own % of risk, etc.)
I don't like stop-loss but it is still needed in case the market goes red. With these long-term trades, it is very unlikely that we hit it.

Capital allocation: <20%
How much you put into a trade is completely up to you and depends on your own trading style and lifestyle.

I am hoping that you are being entertained.


Last but not the least, is a motivational phrase that I write on the go...
It can take me a few minutes or else I don't write it at all...
The reason why I don't post many PREMIUM Trades is that I have to stop to get the vision and translate it into the phrase... Since I am always going so fast, it prompts me to take a break... Let's see what we get today.

Another detail... The vision is always a feeling that I get meditating which I basically translate into words. I try to make it nice and positive but that is not always how it comes. Sometimes it can be messy or what people consider to be negative but there is a benefit if you read it even if you can't feel it or don't "see" the vision yourself... Let's see what we will get today!



Saying "thanks" is not what we mean to say by being grateful.

Nor letting know others that you appreciate the trust, faith, and hope they put in you.

Saying "Thank you, thank you, thank you...", is a great exercise, with its own merits and benefits but it is not what you have to do.

Being grateful is what we really want to get to you...
Holding this feeling in your being, is what will get you to the truth.

So you too can start today by saying thank you...
But just don't say it, appreciate everything that you do.

Be thankful for the house, for the car, for the food...

Be grateful for all of your followers, all of your readers, and for the fact that they chose you.

As you feel grateful in your heart...
Everything will change and instead of you saying THANK YOU ...

They will be saying THANKS to you.

Thanks again my amazing supporter...
For helping me all this long...
For staying around...

Thank a lot you all for all you do.