[CVCBTC] Civic's Huge Potential [620% - 940% PP]

Alan Masters
September 28, 2018
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[CLOSED] We raise stop loss above buy in level after we hit our first target. Trade closed in profits.

Civic (CVCBTC) is in a similar situation as Komodo (KMDBTC). Ending a cycle and a new wave forming, the action is itching to start.

We have huge potential here, over 6x, and Civic does really good when it goes on a bull run. Last time it went up for an entire month generating massive gains, this was just 10 months ago.

Here is the chart:

Civic, Civic (CVC) by Alan Masters Trades, CVC, CVCBTC

  • We have the usual signals developing... this is an early trade (before breakout).
  • We have a young bullish crossover on the MACD plus accumulation spotted by positive divergence.
  • Volume has been really low lately, no big increase yet. Expect a huge green candle when CVCBTC starts to move.


Trade instructions for Civic (CVCBTC) by Alan Masters Trades

Buy in: 0.0000178 - 0.0000192

Civic targets by Alan Masters:

(1) 0.0000228 * Target hit 10-Oct. *
(2) 0.0000266 * Target hit 10-Oct. *
(3) 0.0000292
(4) 0.0000400
(5) 0.0000533
(6) 0.0000640
(7) 0.0000754
(8) 0.0000824
(9) 0.0000933
(12)0.0001999 (All time high)

Stop loss: Close weekly candle below 0.0000159.

Capital allocation: <5%.



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