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[CNDBTC](1000% PP) Cindicator Long Term Trade

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[9-April] Trade active.

Cindicator (CND) Overview

Hybrid Intelligence for effective decision-making

Founded in 2015, Cindicator builds predictive analytics by merging collective intelligence and machine learning models. Cindicator’s analytical products are available exclusively to holders of CND tokens.


Cindicator (CNDBTC) Chart

Cindicator looks like a solid project and the chart is looking bottomed out. It is easy to spot a bottomed out asset/altcoin when you know where you look. Here is the trick… Zoom out… 


  • Price retraced by as much as 96% before the consolidation phase started. Once you hit the bottom, the only place left to go is up.
  • A bottomed out altcoin also makes a trade very low risk. As the stop loss is only 20-30% away from buy in, while the targets can generate anywhere from 50 to 300%+ in a matter of months.
  • For higher targets, it can take way longer. But once we are in profit, it is always and enjoyable ride on the way up. Check our long term TRON (TRXBTC) trade for a live example.
  • CNDBTC is now in accumulation. We can see some action generating 50-200% profits per wave. To hit all time high again, it can take many months or even years, but profits are made constantly along the way.
  • We sell on target, collect profits and buy back lower for more. This is explained under the “Education” section of this platform.
  • The classic signals are the MACD and RSI trending up and aiming to enter the bullish zone.
  • Since this is all pretty standard to us, you can check other PREMIUM trades for the same signals, we go straight into the trade details.


Cindicator (CNDBTC) Trade Instructions

Buy in:

(1) 0.00000280 – 0.00000300 (290)
(2) 0.00000245 – 0.00000265


(1) 0.00000390 -Reached 11-Mar. (+34%)
(2) 0.00000480
(3) 0.00000570
(4) 0.00000700
(5) 0.00000860
(6) 0.00001040
(7) 0.00001330
(8) 0.00001620

Stop loss: Close weekly below 0.00000190.

Capital allocation: <10%.



Face it!

If you are afraid of saying something… say it.

If you are afraid of doing something… do it.

If you are afraid of seeing something, see it.

If you are no longer afraid start living.


If you are happy with the results of this trade, feel free to send Alan Masters a gift.