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[CMCTBTC](1500%+) Crowd Machine Trade

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Crowd Machine (CMCT) Overview

Create, Deploy and Manage Powerful Apps Using Logic, Not Code

Crowd Machine is a fully managed zero-code App building and hosting platform that allows anyone to bring Apps to market faster, cheaper and easier than any other approach on the market.


Crowd Machine (CMCTBTC) Chart Analysis

I am looking at the long term chart for CMCTBTC and this one went through capitulation late last year. Now after hitting a new all-time low, CMCTBTC has printed its biggest volume bar ever, signaling the potential for a new trend, here is the chart:

[CMCTBTC](1500%+) Crowd Machine Trade

  • We can see really big volume to break EMA10 and challenge EMA50.
  • The RSI is at its highest ever and there is plenty of room left for growth for this pair.
  • Remember that all trades can take several months to fully develop, this is a patience game.
  • Buy, hold/wait, later sell on target… Pretty simple.


Crowd Machine (CMCTBTC) PREMIUM Trade by Alan Masters

Buy-in: 0.00000034 – 0.00000040
(Buy-in calculated at: 0.00000040)

Next support: 0.00000023 – 0.00000030

These two ranges above are the recommended buy-in price, these are intended for long term gains. You can buy as much as you want, wait several weeks or months, and later collect profits while selling on target. Remember to set your sell orders beforehand.


(1) 0.00000050 -Reached 24-April (+25%)
(2) 0.00000066 -Reached 24-April (+65%)
(2.5) 0.00000073 -Reached 24-April (+82%)
(3) 0.00000078
(4) 0.00000092
(5) 0.00000109
(6) 0.00000119
(7) 0.00000135

(1) 0.00000165
(2) 0.00000200
(3) 0.00000244
(4) 0.00000310
(5) 0.00000349
(6) 0.00000399
(7) 0.00000540
(8) 0.00000630
(9) 0.00000714

Stop loss: Close weekly be below 0.00000020.

Capital allocation: <5%.



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