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[WTCBTC] Walton Long Trade - Low Risk, High Reward [500%+ PP]

[WTCBTC] Walton Long Trade – Low Risk, High Reward [500%+ PP]

[6-Jan-2019] New Waltonchain (WTCBTC) Trade: [UPDATED 30-SEPT.] Walton / Waltonchain (WTCBTC) went ahead and did a full retrace from its December bull run… No wait, in fact, it retraced all […]

[FUNBTC] FunFair LONG [500% PP]

[FUNBTC] FunFair LONG [500% PP]

FunFair (FUNBTC) on the weekly time frame: First let’s start with the candlesticks. On the 10 Sept. week, marked purple, we have a hammer candle, followed by a high volume […]

[ETCBTC] Ethereum Classic's Bottom Buy [130% PP]

[ETCBTC] Ethereum Classic’s Bottom Buy [130% PP]

[CLOSED] 15-October-2018. Trade closed at a loss. Stop loss hit. New trade signal posted for ETCBTC, lower buy in: Ethereum Classic is showing signals of an early bottom forming. Huge […]

[BKXBTC] Bankex Trade Signal [120% PP]

We are going to be trading Bankex (BKXBTC) on Bittrex. This is a straight forward trade signal. Enjoy it!   Trade instructions for Bankex (BKXBTC) by Alan Masters (from our […]

[KMDBTC] Komodo Before The Action [500% PP]

[KMDBTC] Komodo Before The Action [500% PP]

[9-April] Closed in profits. [11-Mar.] Trade active and generating profits. [17-Feb.] We hit another target today. Enjoy the profits. [2-Dec.] Trade active. Komodo (KMDBTC) is showing many of the signals […]

[ICXBTC] ICON Returns [550% - 800% + PP]

[ICXBTC] ICON Returns [550% – 800% + PP]

Let’s start by looking at the weekly chart for ICON (ICXBTC): And let’s finish by going straight into the trade.   Trade instructions  Buy: 0.0000910 – 0.0001020 ICON (ICXBTC) targets […]

[PIVXBTC] PIVX Doji Candlestick [400% PP]

[PIVXBTC] PIVX Doji Candlestick [400% PP]

[5-Jan] Over 94% profits after hitting 4 targets. Make sure to secure profits by selling on target. Raise stop loss above buy in level. Additional bullish action expected in the […]


Modum [MODBTC] Buy in: 0.000124 – 0.000135 (Avg.: 0.0001295) Targets (1) 0.000160 (2) 0.000177 (3) 0.000200 (4) 0.000260 Stop loss: Close weekly candle below 0.000120. This trade signal comes from […]