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[BRDBTC] Bread LONG [250% PP]

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Bread (BRD)

Ƀ 0.00006082 0.31%

[9-April] Closed in profits.

[27-Feb] We hit our targets again for massive profits. Patience is key. Namaste.

[17-Jan] This one will move again soon. You can use the same buy in range, targets and stop loss.

[3-Jan] Trade active. Feel free to buy in again, targets will be hit a second time. Same stop loss.

[23-Nov Update] 4 Targets hit for 70%+ profits.

Make sure to secure profits. Raise stop loss above buy in level. Sell on target for profits. Enjoy. Namaste.

Bread (BRDBTC) touched bottom on mid August and has been in an uptrend since. The chart is showing an ascending triangle pattern which is a bullish formation, after hitting a strong resistance 7 times, it is getting closer to breakout. Let’s take a look:

BRD, BRDBTC, Bread, Bread (BRD) Trade by Alan Masters

  • The “x” marks each time the price was rejected by the strong resistance, but this will break soon. We have several reversal candles after an all time low was hit.
  • We can see that we are now trading above EMA10 (green line) for the first time since April.
  • Green volume is starting to increase.
  • MACD trending up and starting to pick up momentum.
  • Watch out for a huge jump once resistance (0.000062 is broken).
  • Let’s trade.


Bread (BRDBTC) Trade Instructions by Alan Masters

Buy in:

(1) 0.0000563 – 0.0000593
(2) 0.0000501 – 0.0000547
(Avg. 0.0000511)

Targets for Bread (BRDBTC):

(1) 0.0000662 – Target hit 22-Nov (+29%) +27-Feb.
(2) 0.0000729 – Target hit 23-Nov (+42%) +27-Feb.
(3) 0.0000814 – Target hit 23-Nov (+59%) +27-Feb.
(4) 0.0000908 – Target hit 23-Nov (+74%) +27-Feb. (0.0000886)
(5) 0.0000966 -Reached 11-Mar. (+89%)
(6) 0.0001060
(7) 0.0001213
(8) 0.0001321
(9) 0.0001459

Stop loss: Close weekly candle below 0.0000416.

Capital allocation: <5%.



Patience is required and necessary… patience is key.

Enjoy the trade.

Always make sure to diversify.

Always make sure to withdraw and enjoy your profits (make a habit of withdrawing, enjoying your earnings and being grateful – you can withdraw a portion of your profits and keep the rest to grow your portfolio).