[BITBBTC] BitBean Is About To Move [455% - 868% PP]

Alan Masters
September 30, 2018
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Let's go straight into the chart for BitBean (BITBTC). We will be looking mainly at the weekly time frame together, you can check the other yourself for training and learning. Here is the chart, take a look at it:

BitBean, BitBean (BITB), Bitbean (BITB) by Alan Masters Trades

  • You can see BITBBTC all time high at 475 satoshis. This happened back in June 2017 and gives us 868% profits potential from current price (49 satoshis at the time of this writing). The next peak was hit on February 2018, 455% profits potential up to this point from current price...
  • Look at he MACD, the first indicator from top to bottom. The blue line, after going down is curving up and crossing the orange line. This is a bullish crossover. The last time this happened was back in December just before BITB last bull run.
  • After hitting the same price support on 13 August that held from October through December 2017, the charts produced a Hammer candlestick with the highest volume since April. A strong signal of an upcoming trend reversal.
  • Both the RSI and STOCH have been climbing up steadily for the past two months.
  • BITB's price is now trading above EMA10 (light blue line) for the first time since May 2018.
  • These are enough bullish signals for me to suggest this altcoin as a choice that can potentially generate some really good profits. If things go bad... we stop the trade. When everything goes well, we withdraw and appreciate.


Trade instructions BITBBTC

Buy in: 46 - 52

Next support: 37-40

Targets by Alan Masters Trades PREMIUM:

(1) 61
(2) 70
(3) 79
(4) 89
(5) 105
(6) 125
(7) 147
(8) 183
(9) 222
(10) 275
(11) 370
(12) 475 (850%+ All time high)

Stop loss: Close weekly candle below 31 satoshis.

Capital allocation: <5%.


Note: Remember to always diversify. You can put 5% to 10% of your capital per trade. You will end up with 10-20 trades.

If you have time and would like to be more active, or have a strong capital, you can do 1-2% per trade and keep a large portfolio. At the same time, you can focus only a few trades and manage well does.

Whatever you choose, it should fit your own lifestyle. Here you get many different options, you choose what you think is best for you.

Have a great day!